Startup Showcase: Bilt Rewards – Creating a Pathway to Homeownership for Renters

With skyrocketing home prices and tight lending restrictions, becoming a homeowner is a difficult feat for many Americans, especially renters. However, Bilt Rewards is changing the game by offering a unique rewards program that allows renters to earn points on their rent payments and use them towards homeownership. Launched in June 2021, Bilt Rewards has quickly become one of the most innovative companies in the real estate industry.

High-Value Rewards Program

Bilt Rewards boasts one of the highest value rewards programs on the market, offering one-to-one point transfers for travel across over 100 major airlines and hotel partners. Renters can also redeem their points for fitness classes at the country’s top boutique studios or limited-edition and exclusive collections of art and home decorations through the Bilt Collection. Furthermore, renters can use their points for rent credits or towards a future down payment, giving them a clear path towards homeownership.

Partnerships with Major Players

Bilt Rewards has formed an alliance with some of the largest real estate owners in the US, allowing renters in over two million units across the country to participate in the rewards program. Moreover, Bilt has partnered with Mastercard and Wells Fargo to create the Bilt Mastercard, the first and only credit card that can be used to pay rent with no fees. The partnership with these major players in the financial and real estate industries speaks to the credibility of the Bilt Rewards program.

Impressive Valuation and Growth

In October 2022, Bilt Rewards announced a valuation of $1.5 billion following a $150 million growth round. This funding will be used to advance its loyalty program and credit card for renters, highlighting the company’s potential for further growth and innovation in the future.

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Bilt Rewards is a game-changer in the real estate industry, providing renters with a clear path towards homeownership while also offering high-value rewards for their rent payments. With partnerships with major players in the financial and real estate industries and an impressive valuation, Bilt Rewards is a company to watch in the coming years.




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