Startup Showcase: CanSay Industries Revolutionizes Communication Training with AI-Based Simulations

Effective Communication Skills: A Game-Changing Factor for Frontline Workers

Every business, no matter the industry or sector, relies on communication for its success. While innovative technologies have transformed the world, the way businesses train their employees to communicate is still archaic. Millions of frontline workers around the world are using outdated role-playing methods with coaches, supervisors, or mentors for communication training. As a result, businesses are spending hundreds of billions on this approach, which is expensive, inconsistent in quality, and requires human resources and training schedules. However, CanSay Industries, based in New York, has come up with a game-changing platform that digitalizes communication training.

CanSay Industries: The Cutting-Edge Platform for Speech Simulations

CanSay Industries, a startup that provides interactive speech simulations with an AI companion to enhance communication training for frontline workers, is transforming the training industry. The platform offers a scalable, effective, and practical method of training, focusing on speaking practice. CanSay Industries’ virtual humans, equipped with artificial intelligence-based speech recognition and natural language processing technology, offer fresh, real-life scenarios using different levels of complexity, making the training more practical and effective.

CanSay Industries’ speech simulations enable users to interact with an AI-powered virtual human, who takes on the role of a customer or a potential client. Users then engage in conversations that replicate real-life scenarios, all while receiving helpful feedback from the AI companion. The simulations have the option to start at low levels and move gradually to more advanced and realistic scenarios, slowly building up the user’s speech skills. The platform is available anytime and anywhere, eliminating the need for scheduling, and saves human resources, freeing up staff to focus on other areas.

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CanSay Industries is an Invaluable Asset to Businesses

CanSay Industries is the perfect tool for any business that understands how important communication is to its customers’ satisfaction and their own success. The platform develops practical communication skills, significantly improving a user’s ability to engage with clients or customers. The simulations are customizable, and users get to choose the scenarios and the virtual human they want to interact with them. CanSay Industries works seamlessly with any corporate LMS, and users can keep track of their progress anytime, anywhere.


CanSay Industries’ AI-based communication training platform offers a worthwhile alternative for businesses looking to enhance their employees’ speech skills. The platform is practical, cost-effective, versatile, and scalable, with the capability to train millions of frontline workers worldwide. This interactive training solution offers a unique user experience, optimal convenience, and flexibility, making it a game-changer for business communication training.





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