Startup Showcase: Capd Period’s Game-Changing Invention

Introducing CapdCup: the first menstrual cup you can empty without removing it from your body. Capd Period has revolutionized the period-care industry with a sustainable, modern, and safe alternative to traditional menstrual products. With CapdCup, women can say goodbye to the hassle of constantly taking out, cleaning, and reinserting their cup every few hours. In this startup showcase, we’ll dive into Capd Period’s game-changing invention and why you should switch to a cleaner, more comfortable, and cost-effective period solution.

Say Goodbye to Disposable Menstrual Products

Period products have been a substantial contributor to our growing landfills and plastic pollution. Disposable menstrual products like tampons and pads take years, if not centuries, to biodegrade. The average menstruating person uses up to 16,000 tampons in their lifetime, which can add up to more than 300 pounds of waste. Capd Period’s reusable and eco-friendly CapdCup is the perfect solution to reduce waste, save money, and combat climate change.

A Sanitary and Comfortable Menstrual Experience

CapdCup’s innovative design allows for a more hygienic and comfortable menstrual experience. Removing and reinserting a cup several times a day can be messy and sometimes painful. CapdCup’s cap-on-the-bottom design eliminates the need for frequent removals, reducing the risk of leakage and infection. With CapdCup, you can enjoy a comfortable and worry-free period experience without compromising on hygiene and cleanliness.

Empowering Women Across the Globe

Capd Period’s mission goes beyond providing a sustainable and safe period product. By creating a menstrual cup that can be emptied without removing it, Capd Period is empowering women worldwide, especially in areas with limited clean water access. Traditional menstrual cups need to be removed and washed before reinserting, which can be a challenge for women in developing countries, homeless women, and women experiencing homelessness. CapdCup can be emptied and reused without needing access to running water, making it a more accessible and inclusive period solution.

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Join the CapdCup Revolution

Capd Period’s CapdCup is a game-changer in the period-care industry, offering a sustainable, innovative, and safe alternative to traditional menstrual products. CapdCup eliminates the time and pain associated with changing traditional menstrual cups repeatedly throughout the day. CapdCup is also a more accessible and empowering option to women worldwide, providing a safer and less labour-intensive period experience. Visit Capd Period’s website or social media channels to learn more and join the CapdCup revolution.


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