Startup Showcase: Celeris Therapeutics – Revolutionizing Drug Discovery with AI and Lab Automation

Developing targeted protein degradation compounds through deep learning and lab automation.

Celeris Therapeutics is making waves in the pharmaceutical industry with their AI-driven drug discovery technology, focused specifically on targeted protein degradation. Using their proprietary Celeris One platform and a combination of deep learning and lab automation, Celeris is able to accelerate drug discovery and development for diseases with high unmet medical needs like Parkinson’s and various types of cancers.

Streamlining Compound Development with Celeris One

The Celeris One platform takes advantage of structure-based geometric deep learning to prioritize specific E3 ligases, design linkers, and select the most active compounds for synthesis. This allows Celeris to rationalize the design of targeted protein degradation compounds and quickly generate experimental data for additional optimization cycles.

To further enhance the efficiency of their compound development process, Celeris has built an in-house automated lab that can generate large volumes of data quickly. This allows for rapid optimization of compounds and the ability to iterate on the development process much faster than traditional methods.

Collaborating to Advance Drug Discovery

Celeris Therapeutics is not limiting the use of their technology to in-house development. The company is also collaborating with other pharma and biotech companies to discover and develop small-molecule degrader medicines for all therapeutic areas. By partnering with other companies, Celeris is able to leverage their tech expertise to speed up the entire drug discovery and development process – ultimately leading to better treatments and outcomes for patients.

A Next-Gen Approach to Drug Discovery

Celeris Therapeutics is bringing a next-generation approach to drug discovery that is faster, more efficient, and more targeted than traditional methods. With an emphasis on targeted protein degradation compounds, Celeris is poised to make a major impact on the pharmaceutical industry, and the individuals who benefit from these medicines.

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