Startup Showcase: coinroll – The Secure Fintech Platform for Digital Assets

Empowering Institutional Investors with White Glove Customer Focus and Cutting-Edge Technology

Who is coinroll and what do they do?

coinroll is a fintech company that develops a platform for institutional investors to incorporate digital assets into their portfolios. With a focus on security and regulatory compliance, coinroll’s platform enables effortless full-cycle digital investments while providing up-to-date insights on emerging investment opportunities.

What makes coinroll unique?

Unlike other cryptocurrency trading platforms, coinroll specializes in institutional investor services. coinroll achieves this by integrating cryptocurrencies into existing software to provide a seamless user experience. They also offer staking services, similar to cryptocurrency hedge funds, but with an emphasis on white-glove customer service and regulatory compliance.

The Future of coinroll

coinroll’s mission is to improve US customer crypto engagement and market presence by providing a trusted platform, analytical tools, and a simplified user experience that enables users to invest with confidence. Their vision is to become the NASDAQ of crypto, the go-to platform for all trusted crypto and digital assets.


As the demand for digital assets increases, coinroll is positioned to be a major player in the fintech industry. With a secure and compliant platform that caters to institutional investors, coinroll is poised for success.


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