Startup Showcase: Connected Signals – Delivering Real-time, Predictive Traffic Signal Data

Transforming the Future of Driving with Real-Time Traffic Signal Data for Connected Cars

Innovating in the connected car space, Connected Signals, Inc. is a startup that delivers real-time, predictive traffic signal data. Their engineers have developed innovative techniques to predict upcoming signal states. This provides valuable insights to drivers, creating opportunities to increase driving safety, increase fuel efficiency, and improve the driving experience. Safety is their top priority, and they alert drivers to possible dangers without distracting them. From EnLighten, which helps drivers know when the next light will turn green, to vehicle powertrain optimization based on upcoming signals, Connected Signals is revolutionizing the driving experience.

Knowing the Current State of Traffic Lights

The real-time, predictive traffic signal data provided by Connected Signals is incredibly valuable to drivers. Understanding the current state of traffic lights and how they will change provides unprecedented opportunities to improve driving safety, fuel efficiency, and the overall driving experience. Their services range from EnLighten, which helps drivers know when the green light will turn on, to powertrain optimization based on upcoming signals. EnLighten helps drivers catch their breath, change the radio station, or pick up papers that fell on the floor by letting them know the duration of the red light. Their services ensure safety as they wait until the driver has stopped before relaying information, then giving cues to focus on the road.

Connected Signals and Municipalities

Connected Signals partners with municipalities to gather and provide rapid signal data in standardized formats for a variety of uses. This is accomplished without costly municipal infrastructure investments or dedicated hardware additions to vehicles. They utilize the existing traffic signal infrastructure, communicating through secure channels while handling signal data translations to ensure consistency in the provided format. With this unique approach, Connected Signals is improving driving safety, fuel efficiency, and the overall driving experience.

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Innovative and Forward-thinking Approach

Connected Signals is a forward-thinking startup using innovative technology to improve the driving experience. Their services supply valuable information to drivers in real-time, providing insights on upcoming signal states. As they provide data to municipalities, they effectively help improve the safety of roads and reduce fuel emissions for a greener planet. They can also provide insight into congestion and optimize driving routes. By using existing infrastructure and secure communication channels, they’ve eliminated the need for new infrastructure investment or dedicated hardware, making it an easy and cost-effective solution for all.

Connected Signals is leading the charge in improving the driving experience for all. They’ve developed a more efficient, cost-effective approach to the use of traffic signals data, providing unprecedented data insights to drivers. This, ultimately, reduces fuel consumption, increases driving safety, and improves the overall driving experience. Their approach is innovative, and their technology is poised to revolutionize connected car space.





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