Startup Showcase: Cortina Industries Helps e-Commerce Brands Sell Complementary Products without Inventory or Capital Risk

The game-changing marketplace platform empowering eCommerce businesses to expand without risk.

In today’s world, eCommerce has become an essential part of retail, and with the pandemic forcing many businesses to move online, it’s more critical than ever for retailers to stay ahead of the curve. The eCommerce market is incredibly competitive, and businesses are continuously looking for innovative ways to expand their product offerings without taking on the risk of additional inventory. That’s where Cortina comes in.

Cortina is a New York-based startup that helps eCommerce brands sell complementary products without taking on any inventory or capital risk. Their marketplace platform enables online retailers, brands, and marketplaces to expand beyond their core business into new categories and products seamlessly. The platform supports direct connections to a limitless number of brand suppliers and is agnostic to all eCommerce and back-end technologies.

For Brands: Sell Complementary Products Directly on Your Site

One of the biggest challenges for eCommerce brands is how to expand their product offerings without taking on the risk of additional inventory. With Cortina’s marketplace platform, brands can sell other supplier’s products directly on their site, maintaining their current customer experience while offering complementary products for their customers. This process eliminates the need for brands to purchase, store, or ship additional inventory.

Cortina’s platform also imports and connects real-time inventory, pricing, product descriptions, and images to the partner’s front-end experience. This seamless integration allows brands to add new products to their site quickly, without any additional effort on their part.

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For Marketplaces: Improved Operations with Less Inventory Risk

Cortina’s platform also helps marketplaces improve their operations while taking on less risk towards inventory. By allowing marketplace sellers to sell additional complementary products without having to take on additional inventory, marketplaces can expand their product offerings with minimal risk.

With Cortina’s marketplace platform, marketplaces can increase their product selection, leading to more significant customer satisfaction and a higher likelihood of repeat business.

Expert Support and Knowledge Sharing

The Cortina team has extensive retail, eCommerce, and dropship experience from their time at Gap Inc, Saks, Gilt Groupe, and CoEdition. As a result, the team also supports its customers with marketplace best practices, templates, and knowledge sharing for vendor agreements, onboarding processes, billing, payments, and other activities.

Cortina’s team is committed to providing the best possible service to its customers. They offer dedicated support to each of their partners and work closely with them to ensure a seamless integration process.


In conclusion, Cortina’s marketplace platform is a game-changer for eCommerce brands and marketplaces looking to expand their product offerings without taking on additional inventory or capital risk. Their platform’s ability to connect to a limitless number of brand suppliers and be agnostic to all eCommerce and back-end technologies sets them apart from the competition. With expert support and knowledge sharing from their experienced team, Cortina is well-positioned to lead the eCommerce industry into the future.





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