Startup Showcase: Dead Cult – Revolutionizing Cyber Defense Command and Control

Discover Dead Cult - the Only Defense C&C That Allows You to Act Even Faster and More Effectively Against Cyber Threats

As cyberattacks continue to grow in both frequency and sophistication, cybersecurity companies have been scrambling to develop new products and services to combat them. Enter Dead Cult, the world’s first Cyber Defense Command & Control system, located in Pasadena, California. Dead Cult offers a new and revolutionary approach to cyber defense, one that allows organizations to act quickly and efficiently in response to cyber threats.

Dead Cult’s Unique Approach to Cyber Defense

As the description suggests, attackers often use C2/CnC/C&C systems to quickly infect and propagate their attacks. However, many defenders are left jumping among XDR, MDR, EDR, SIEM, SOAR, TI, GRC, and other endless acronyms to keep up. Dead Cult offers a new approach that simplifies this process, providing defenders with a dedicated Defense Command & Control system that allows them to respond quickly and effectively to cyber threats.

The Dead Cult Platform: Five Flavors to Choose From

Dead Cult offers five different flavors of its platform, allowing organizations to choose the version that best fits their needs. These include:

  • DC Web: A custom version of Dead Cult designed to protect online businesses
  • DC DRP: A full Digital Risk Protection Platform that includes continuous red teaming
  • DC Dome: A full Dead Cult platform that includes security controls provided by Dead Cult’s technology partners at discounted pricing
  • DC Complete: A managed version of DC Dome that includes managed security stack and services
  • DC Fusion: A dashboard that integrates your controls, including defense, threat intelligence, and VAPT, to upgrade your SOC

Final Thoughts

Dead Cult offers a new and revolutionary approach to cyber defense that is sure to appeal to organizations looking for a faster and more effective way to respond to cyber threats. With its dedicated Defense Command & Control system, Dead Cult allows defenders to act quickly and decisively in response to cyber threats, reducing the risk of damage to their organization’s systems and reputation.

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