Startup Showcase: EKOS.AI – Revolutionizing the Hybrid Community Engagement

All-in-one engagement platform for hybrid communities powered by AI

Are you tired of managing multiple platforms for your professional engagements? Want to revolutionize the way you build and manage your hybrid community? Look no further than EKOS.AI – your all-in-one engagement platform powered by AI.

Efficient Networking Experience with AI

EKOS.AI is an AI-driven platform that helps users connect with the right people as soon as they join the platform. It transforms the way organizations build and maintain their community by creating a seamless networking experience in all touchpoints. The AI algorithm matches users based on their background, professional goals, and interests, helping them build valuable relationships.

All-In-One Engagement Platform

EKOS.AI offers an all-in-one engagement platform that lets organizations manage all their in-person and virtual events on a single platform. Users can host private or public events, where community members and non-member event attendees can meet each other through a real-time networking experience. Public events can be viewed by all EKOS users and shared externally via social media links.

Build and Manage Hybrid Communities

Organizations can create public or invite-only spaces with assigned admins. Members can start networking and building relationships through their Lounge right away, which includes sending meet requests, connecting with suggested matches, messaging, organizing meetings, and joining sub-community groups. EKOS.AI provides a never-ending event and networking experience, making it easier for organizations to build and maintain their hybrid communities.

EKOS.AI is the future of community engagement, and its unique approach to building hybrid communities is revolutionizing the way organizations network and connect with their members. With its AI-powered matchmaking algorithm, all-in-one engagement platform, and seamless networking experience, EKOS.AI is the ultimate solution for building and managing hybrid communities.

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