Startup Showcase: Epoint – Making Digital Payments and E-commerce Accessible for SMEs

Empowering Small and Medium-sized Entrepreneurs with Innovative Payment and E-commerce Solutions

Epoint is a digital payment aggregator and e-commerce platform that provides a convenient, affordable and accessible solution for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to accept bank card payments without requiring any technical knowledge, additional costs, or supporting technical and operational resources. Founded in Delaware, Ohio, Epoint has emerged as a leading B2B solution based on transactional and SAAS business models, empowering SMEs to grow and expand their businesses in the digital age.

Enabling Accessible Digital Payments

One of the major challenges faced by small and medium-sized entrepreneurs is the inability to accept digital payments, which often leads to missed sales opportunities and restricts their growth potential. With Epoint, entrepreneurs can easily and securely accept bank card payments without any hassle or additional expenses. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and requires no technical knowledge, allowing SMEs to focus on their core business operations while leveraging the power of digital payments.

Innovative and Scalable Solutions

Epoint’s innovative digital payment aggregator and e-commerce platform offer a range of features and functionalities that make it easy for SMEs to conduct business transactions online. The platform provides seamless integration with multiple payment gateways, enabling entrepreneurs to accept payments from customers using a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and online banking. The platform is also highly scalable, making it easy for SMEs to expand their business operations as they grow and evolve.

Recognitions and Awards

Epoint has achieved several notable recognitions and awards, which attest to the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation. The company was a runner-up in the Takeoff International Startup Competition held in Baku in May 2022 as part of the Teknofest Aerospace and Technology Festival, where it emerged as the only Azerbaijani project among the winners. Epoint is also a semi-finalist of the Astana Hub Battle, an international startup competition held in September 2022 as part of the Digital Bridge, the largest digital technology forum in Central Asia. Furthermore, Epoint is the first fintech company from Azerbaijan to be selected for the 500 Global program and passed Batch 3 in 2022.

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Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Epoint’s success reflects the company’s focus on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan and beyond. The company’s partnership with Visa International Payment System and BDO International Audit Company underscores its commitment to providing best-in-class solutions and services that meet the needs of its clients. Epoint Inc. is also the first Fintech company to receive a “Startup Certificate” from the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan and being freed from an income tax for the next three years. Such initiatives encourage and support the growth of small and medium-sized businesses, helping them realize their full potential in the digital age.


In conclusion, Epoint’s digital payment aggregator and e-commerce platform is a game-changer for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, enabling them to conduct business transactions online securely, affordably and efficiently. The company’s commitment to innovation, entrepreneurship, and excellence has earned it several notable recognitions and awards, cementing its position as a leading B2B solution based on transactional and SAAS business models.




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