Startup Showcase: Et Oliva – Reconnect with True Aegean Flavors

As a small, Mediterranean food brand, Et Oliva focuses on bringing people together through the power of great food. Founded during the COVID-19 pandemic, this company strives to use food to reconnect individuals, families, and communities. Et Oliva is a startup that is passionate about food security and social justice, and through their work, the company aims to create positive impacts both locally and abroad.

Mission and Philosophy

Et Oliva’s mission is to create an authentic Aegean culinary experience for customers. This Mediterranean-inspired brand is dedicated to using natural and fresh ingredients to make delicious products true to their origin. The company’s philosophy is based on the mezze style of dining, where small plates are shared among diners, creating a sense of togetherness and community.


Et Oliva’s products are made using Aegean ingredients and include artisanal spreads such as Lavash Crackers, Olive Tapenade, Fig & Olive Jam and Red Pepper Ezme. The company also offers fresh and zesty dressings Olive Oil and Salt as well as Aegean Herb and Sesame, as well as a line of provision in Fig and Olive Jam, Red Pepper Ezme and Olive Tapenade.

Social Responsibility

Et Oliva is not just a brand that focuses on creating delicious food products but also on social responsibility. The company is committed to using their influence to make a positive impact on society. As an LGBT-owned and operated business, Et Oliva is a voice for those who fight for equality and social justice. The company is also dedicated to promoting food security issues globally.

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Et Oliva is an ideal startup for those who appreciate Mediterranean cuisine and the cultural significance of food. They specialize in creating artisanal, natural delicacies able to bring community together in any circumstance. Whether it’s for a small gathering or a larger event, Et Oliva’s authentic, artisanal spreads and dressings are sure to impress any foodies. As a socially responsible company, Et Oliva sets itself apart, showcasing a new and fresh approach to the food industry.


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