Startup Showcase: Evercred – Disrupting healthcare with simplified credentialing and management

Evercred allows physicians to take control of their credentials and identity with decentralized technology.

As the healthcare industry continues to grow, so does the need for secure and efficient systems for verifying and managing credentials. And this is where Evercred comes in – a user-centric and long-term credentialing and management system that utilizes advanced technology to simplify the verification process for physicians and those who employ them.

Founded in Miami, Florida, Evercred is a startup on a mission to solve the $5 billion frustrating and friction-filled identity verification, onboarding, and credentialing problem for physicians. The company aims to empower individual physicians to be the direct primary source of their identity and credentials by leveraging open standards-based decentralized identity technology.

In this startup showcase, we explore how Evercred is revolutionizing the healthcare industry through its innovative approach to credentialing and management.

The Problem with Current Credentialing Systems

One of the biggest challenges in the healthcare industry is the verification and validation of physician credentials. Currently, it can take up to six months to onboard and credential a physician, and this process has to be repeated every two years for compliance purposes. This problem costs up to $1 million for health systems, and physicians lose an average of $100,000 in potential income per onboarding and credentialing event.

But the problem runs deeper than that. Until now, there has been no verified, trusted, and user-centric source of authentic data regarding physician credentialing. This lack of trust has led to significant privacy issues, which in turn has made it difficult to onboard physicians and other healthcare professionals.

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That’s where Evercred’s innovative solution comes in. By empowering physicians to be the direct primary source of their identity and credentials through decentralized technology, Evercred is able to streamline the onboarding process and fix regulatory privacy compliance issues permanently.

The Solution: Empowering Physicians with HPEC

Evercred’s innovative system is based on the Healthcare Professional Electronic Credential (HPEC), a physician-facing credential wallet that allows physicians to take control of their credentials and identity. The HPEC application allows physicians to prove their identity in a trusted way moving forward when they log in to healthcare applications like EHR, Telemedicine, and other systems that would benefit from identity verification.

Built on open standards, HPEC provides a secure and trusted source of data for credentialing purposes. And with Evercred behind it, physicians can enjoy a range of benefits, including secure onboarding, credential verification, and ongoing compliance.

Evercred’s Next Phase: Commercialization

With HPEC already launched and gaining traction, Evercred is now entering the next phase of its project: commercialization. Building on the success of HPEC, Evercred is expanding its focus to address a wider, more commercial market, offering businesses an efficient, secure, and cost-effective way of managing credentials.

By providing a secure and simple credentialing solution, Evercred is disrupting the $3.9 trillion healthcare system, revolutionizing the way physicians and healthcare professionals manage their credentials, and ensuring that patients receive the best possible care.


Evercred is a game-changer in the healthcare industry, offering physicians and healthcare professionals a simple, secure, and innovative way of taking control of their credentials and identity. With ever-increasing demand for streamlined credentialing solutions, Evercred’s decentralized technology and user-centric approach are well positioned to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

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