Startup Showcase: Exertia Industries – Pushing nuclear energy development for greater sustainability

The world is facing a climate crisis and the need for renewable energy is now more pressing than ever before. But while renewable energy sources like solar and wind have gained popularity, nuclear energy remains a controversial topic. With regulatory, social, and environmental challenges standing in the way of nuclear energy development, it takes a bold company like Exertia Industries to push forward on this critical energy source. In this Startup Showcase, we take a closer look at Exertia, a company dedicated to promoting the development of nuclear energy at scale to achieve greater sustainability.

Introducing Exertia: A Sustainable Energy Leader

Exertia was founded in Phoenix, Arizona, with a mission to advance the global movement towards creating a more sustainable world. The company recognizes the different climate problems facing the world and seeks to promote the work of organizations and individuals addressing them. At the same time, it is focused on developing and operating nuclear power plants to generate clean, long-term electricity. The company believes that nuclear energy holds immense promise as a solution to address energy issues and transitioning the world from fossil fuel consumption to renewables.

Overcoming the Challenges of the Nuclear Energy Industry

The nuclear industry has faced numerous challenges, including high costs, regulatory hurdles, public concerns, and environmental risks. Exertia is determined to help move the industry forward by addressing these challenges. The company is working to bring modern innovations and benefits of nuclear technology online to solve some of the biggest climate challenges of the century. The use of nuclear energy can produce zero carbon emissions, which is instrumental in helping the world achieve its zero-carbon ambitions in a timely manner.

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Creating a More Sustainable World through Nuclear Energy

Exertia’s vision is to connect the world further and realize its zero-carbon ambitions in a timely manner. They see nuclear energy as an essential part of the solution to the climate crisis. Nuclear energy is a reliable source of clean, long-term electricity that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help prevent the worst effects of climate change. Therefore, Exertia aims to bring together the best minds and advanced technologies to overcome the complexities and lead the industry forward.

Joining Hands in Creating a Sustainable Future

Exertia recognizes that the only way to change the world is by working together. It welcomes all stakeholders to collaborate and explore the possibilities of nuclear energy as a solution to a sustainable future. Investors, operators, activists, scientists, and anyone dedicated to promoting sustainable development is invited to join in this critical mission.


Exertia is a shining example of a company making a real impact in the world of sustainable energy. They are determined to push the development of nuclear energy at scale despite the challenges the industry is facing, and they deserve recognition for their bold approach. As the world continues to sink into the climate crisis, we need more people like the team at Exertia, who are willing to take risks and forge ahead with innovative solutions.





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