Startup Showcase: Falcomm – Revolutionizing the 5G mmWave Market with Ultra-Efficient Silicon-Based Power Amplifiers

Revolutionizing the Efficiency of 5G mmWave Communication

As the world speeds towards 5G technology, the demand for high-speed data transmission is at an all-time high. Enter Falcomm Industries, a fabless semiconductor chip startup that is developing ultra-efficient front-end modules and power amplifiers for the 5G mmWave market. Their goal is to provide the most energy-efficient power amplifier and front-end module products for hardware manufacturers in the 5G mmWave market.

The Problem with 5G mmWave Communication

One of the biggest challenges in 5G mmWave communication is transmitter power and efficiency. Power amplifiers (PAs) dominate the overall transmitter efficiency and thermal performance in most transceiver designs. Transmitting signals efficiently over the air at mmWave frequencies is extremely difficult, which causes efficiency and thermal management costs to skyrocket.

Falcomm’s Solution: Dual-Drive PA

To revolutionize the efficiency of 5G mmWave communication, Falcomm developed the Dual-Drive PA, an ultra-efficient silicon-based power amplifier (PA) topology for 5G mmWave applications. For decades, the maximum theoretical efficiency of PAs was fixed at 78.5%, with most PAs topping out at 40% efficiency.

Falcomm’s patented technology increases the theoretical maximum efficiency limits of PAs beyond 78.5%. Therefore, no other PA can be as efficient as their Dual-Drive PA. Their first prototype was implemented using GlobalFoundries’ 45nm CMOS SOI process and was fully tested and verified. Based on their measurements, their first prototype achieves drain efficiencies that are 20% higher than any state-of-the-art power amplifier in the mmWave frequency range.

Fully Verified Technology

Falcomm’s technology was verified using the new 5G NR modulation testing standards achieving Gb/s data rates at incredibly high efficiency levels. Since PAs dominate the overall transmitter efficiency and thermal performance, their PA technology can be employed by base station, cellphone, and radar manufacturers to decrease their thermal management cost and ease their overall system requirements.

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Closing Thoughts

Falcomm Industries is setting the pace for next-generation communication systems with their patented Dual-Drive PA technology. They have positioned themselves at the forefront of the 5G technology market and are ready to revolutionize the future of communication systems.



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