Startup Showcase: GET IT Corporation – Smarter Frictionless Parking Solutions for Enhanced Customer Experiences

GET IT Corporation, a Georgia-based startup, is transforming the parking experience with its SaaS platform that delivers driver-centric parking solutions. In this Startup Showcase, we will explore the various ways GET IT is revolutionizing parking solutions.

Reimagining Parking Transactions into Meaningful Experiences

GET IT has reimagined parking transactions into meaningful, ticketless parking experiences that transform the customer journey. Using a customer-centric approach, GET IT built a digital platform that empowers employees, creates customer loyalty, and reignites growth. The platform is designed to provide fast, safe, and meaningful customer experiences that create customer loyalty for business and property owners as well as parking operators.

Self-Parking and Assisted Parking Solutions

GET IT offers two parking solutions, GET Parking, and GET Valet. GET Parking is a self-parking solution that enables customers to easily find available parking spots and pay for parking without needing to interact with parking personnel. GET Valet is an assisted parking solution that provides customers with a more personalized and elevated parking experience by providing valet parking services. Both solutions continuously adapt to customers’ changing needs by discovering insightful opportunities and operational efficiencies.

Dynamic Management Dashboard and Robust Reporting Tool

GET IT’s proprietary dynamic management dashboard, GET 360, enables parking operators to manage their entire business in real-time from anywhere and anytime. The dashboard provides parking personnel with a complete view of the parking operations, enabling them to make informed decisions. GET Analytics, a robust reporting tool, provides parking operators with data-rich, meaningful metrics that enable them to measure the performance of their parking operations and make data-driven decisions.

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Enhanced Customer Experiences

GET IT’s parking solutions enhance customer experiences by providing a fast, safe, and convenient parking experience that creates customer loyalty. The company’s solutions enable customers to easily connect with what they want, creating exceptional parking experiences that are tailored to their needs and preferences. By providing a seamless parking experience, GET IT is helping business and property owners to attract and retain customers, while parking operators can improve their bottom line by increasing revenue and optimizing their parking operations.


In conclusion, GET IT Corporation is a groundbreaking startup that is revolutionizing the parking industry with smarter frictionless parking solutions. The company’s SaaS platform delivers driver-centric parking solutions that transform the parking experience and create customer loyalty. With its self-parking and assisted parking solutions, dynamic management dashboard, and robust reporting tool, GET IT is transforming the way parking operators manage their parking operations and enhancing customer experiences.




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