Startup Showcase: GET IT Corporation transforms the parking experience with its SaaS platform

Revolutionizing parking with smarter, frictionless solutions.

Parking can be a significant headache for drivers in busy urban areas. Finding a spot that is safe and legally accessible can be a trying task, and the end result is often a negative experience that dampens the entire customer journey. That’s where GET IT Corporation comes in with a SaaS platform that completely transforms the parking experience. In this startup showcase, we’ll delve into how GET IT is revolutionizing the industry and creating smarter, frictionless solutions for parking problems.

Introducing GET IT Corporation – the driver-centric parking solution

GET IT Corporation is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that offers a wide range of parking solutions for businesses, commercial properties, and parking operators. Its primary aim is to create a smooth parking experience for drivers by providing ticketless parking solutions that are customer-centric, fast, and safe. The company is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and its solution is designed to transform the way businesses and parking operators manage their parking situation.

Customer-centric focus

One of the unique features of the GET IT platform is its customer-centric approach. GET IT has designed its solution around the customer to ensure that it meets their needs and exceeds their expectations. The company recognizes that parking is often the first stage of the customer journey for brick-and-mortar businesses. Therefore, it intentionally built a parking solution that creates a positive, meaningful, and frictionless parking experience.

Transformative parking solutions

Get Parking and GET Valet are the two flagship parking solutions offered by GET IT Corporation. GET Parking, a self-parking solution, is perfect for businesses with a large or complex parking space. The solution allows drivers to park their vehicles independently using state-of-the-art technology. GET Valet, an assisted parking solution, is ideal for businesses that require a high level of personalized service. It is an assisted parking solution that is all about offering a personalized and seamless parking experience for customers.

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All-in-one management dashboard

GET IT Corporation understands the need for parking operators to manage their parking operations from anywhere, at anytime. That’s why the company’s all-in-one management dashboard, GET 360, is a powerful tool for parking operators. With GET 360, parking operators can manage their entire parking business in real-time and respond to customer needs quickly.


GET IT Corporation is an innovative startup that is poised to revolutionize the parking industry with its range of parking solutions. Its focus on the customer and data-driven technology is transforming the way businesses and parking operators manage their parking spaces. By creating smarter, frictionless parking solutions, GET IT Corporation is helping businesses create customer loyalty and reignite growth.


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