Startup Showcase: Hometown Workforce – A Tech Solution for the Chaotic Home Service Industry

The Solution for Worker Shortages and Contractor Reliability

In this startup showcase, we introduce Hometown Workforce, a tech company that uses an Amazon-style marketplace to provide consumers with on-demand access to home services while simultaneously addressing the problems of worker shortages and contractor reliability.

Introducing Hometown Workforce

Hometown Workforce is a Mississippi-based startup that uses technology to solve two of America’s biggest problems: worker shortages and contractor reliability. By organizing the home service industry, Hometown Workforce aims to provide consumers with true on-demand access to services while giving contractors the ability to manage their business effectively, get jobs, and ensure they’re paid.

Revolutionizing the Home Service Industry

For years, the home service industry has been unorganized and chaotic, with unreliable contractors and a shortage of workers. Hometown Workforce’s solution is an Amazon-style marketplace that allows contractors to create listings defining the price and time for each service they offer. Consumers can browse and order these services on-demand, paying for them upfront, and scheduling a time on the contractor’s work calendar. After the work is complete, the funds are released, ensuring reliability and quality service.

How Hometown Workforce provides Reliable Contractors

Hometown Workforce’s unique approach ensures that only reliable contractors are listed on their marketplace. Contractors are required to provide verifiable business credentials and background checks to be able to list their services. The company also partners with housing agencies and social services, which provides clients with training and assistance in starting their own contracting businesses.

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Training Programs for Workers on Hometown Workforce’s Platform

Hometown Workforce also provides non-profit training programs that pay individuals to learn a trade. The company partners with trade schools to provide educational opportunities for various trades, such as electricians, plumbers, and landscapers. Through this program, the company aims to provide consumers with a reliable workforce while giving individuals the tools they need to start their own contracting businesses.


Hometown Workforce’s unique approach to organizing the home service industry has the potential to revolutionize the contracting and service industry as we know it. With its Amazon-style marketplace, consumers can get access to reliable service providers while contractors can manage their businesses effectively. Additionally, the non-profit training program helps solve the problem of worker shortages by providing people with the skills they need to start their own business or succeed as a contractor. Visit to learn more about Hometown Workforce and join the revolution in the home service industry.



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