Startup Showcase: How is Disrupting Professional Networking Through Blockchain

Discover how is changing the game for professional networking and asset management with their innovative approach.

Are you tired of attending networking events that don’t yield any new connections? Do you wish you could maximize the potential of your network? has got you covered. This Tampa-based startup is disrupting the professional networking industry through cutting-edge technology and an IRL summit experience like no other.

Revolutionizing Networking in the Digital Age

The traditional way of networking is outdated and inefficient, often failing to lead to fruitful connections. leverages blockchain technology, machine learning, and quantitative analysis to optimize the networking experience. Their SaaS platform provides users with personalized recommendations and algorithmic matchmaking, creating a more efficient way to connect with people who share common interests.

IRL Events with a Twist

In addition to online networking, also hosts IRL summits that are anything but ordinary. These events combine the prestige of The World Economic Forum with the glamour of the Met Gala, providing a truly unique experience for attendees. But it’s not just about rubbing shoulders with the elite; the summit also features talks from industry leaders, workshops, and interactive experiences that aim to foster meaningful connections.

A Service-based Business Model

Unlike many blockchain startups, is a traditional service-based business model. While the blockchain technology is crucial to their algorithmic matchmaking, it’s not the sole focus. Instead, the team is focused on creating an innovative and scalable tech solution that puts networking at the forefront of their service. Their infrastructure is designed to handle both scalability and sustainability, positioning them as one of the leaders in the space.

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Join the Moon Crew and Optimize Your Network is on a mission to revolutionize professional networking, and they’re looking for like-minded individuals to join them on the journey. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an investor, or just someone looking to expand your network, has something to offer. With a team dedicated to creating an optimal networking experience, there’s no doubt that will continue to disrupt the industry.


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