Startup Showcase: Immersiva – Solving Isolated Family Screen Time and Digital Addiction

As families increasingly turn to screens for entertainment and education, a new company is offering a solution to the problem of isolated family screen time and digital addiction. Meet Immersiva, a California-based platform that aims to foster stronger family bonds while improving the mental, emotional, and social well-being of kids and caregivers. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll take a closer look at Immersiva’s mission, technology, and partnerships, and explore how the company is reshaping the future of family wellness.

The Mission Behind Immersiva

At its core, Immersiva is driven by a passion for promoting family wellness through interactive and engaging media experiences. The company’s mission is to create a platform that helps families connect and bond over shared experiences, rather than isolating themselves into individual screens. According to Immersiva, their technology is designed to “have kids and caregivers engage together on-screen and off-screen through gamified programming.” By providing interactive and immersive experiences that bring families together, Immersiva hopes to promote active learning, digital wellness, and togetherness.

The Technology Behind Immersiva

One of the key features of Immersiva is its interactive technology. Using a simple setup that involves a TV and a smartphone or tablet, Immersiva allows families to transform traditional media consumption into interactive and engaging experiences. Viewers use their phones and tablets as game controllers, and easily interact with programming, one another, and the environment around them. The result is an experience that feels like a video game, but with the added benefit of promoting family bonding and well-being.

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Partnerships and Future Plans

To bring their vision to life, Immersiva has partnered with a number of leading organizations across healthcare and entertainment. According to the company, these partnerships will enable them to offer the first expert-backed family wellness channel, designed to promote active learning and togetherness. By leveraging the expertise of their partners and their own technological capabilities, Immersiva hopes to become a leading player in the family wellness space.


As we’ve seen in this Startup Showcase, Immersiva is a company that is offering a unique solution to the problem of isolated family screen time and digital addiction. By leveraging interactive technology and expert-backed programming, Immersiva aims to foster stronger family bonds while promoting positive mental, emotional, and social well-being. Whether you’re a parent looking to improve your family’s media consumption habits or a healthcare or entertainment organization looking to partner with an innovative startup, Immersiva is definitely a company to watch.

To learn more about Immersiva and their technology, be sure to visit their website and connect with them on social media.


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