Startup Showcase: – Access to Justice for Everyone, for Free

At a time when legal help can be costly and intimidating, was conceived to provide access to justice for everyone, and best of all, it’s free. This Startup Showcase takes a closer look at how an award-winning team of lawyers in Irvine, California, built a civil law firm founded on the principles of fairness and transparency, empowered by technology, and wholly committed to the needs of their clients.

Matching You with the Right Lawyer’s proprietary technology allows clients to access its network of law firm partners across the United States by completing a simple online questionnaire. The questionnaire asks clients to answer questions about their case, and uses its technology to match clients with the right lawyer who is best suited to handle their case. They can match clients with attorneys specializing in personal injury, medical malpractice, or any other legal issue relating to civil justice.

Expert Legal Panel’s expert legal panel consists of experienced and skilled lawyers. They use their decades of experience to carefully select lawyers and law firms to be part of the platform. The vetting process is rigorous, and only the best firms and attorneys are selected to be part of’s network. The platform provides quality representation to clients, at no cost to them.

No Charge Unless You Win

When it comes to legal cases, financial stress can be an additional burden. With, clients do not have to worry about paying a penny unless they win their case. This ensures clients can get legal representation without worrying about the cost involved. By having the firm committed to a positive outcome, clients can focus solely on their case and get the best legal representation available in the United States.

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Empowering the Client’s legal service empowers clients to navigate the legal system easily. With straightforward and simple online questionnaires, they make it easy for clients to provide information without worrying about legal jargon. aims to provide access to legal representation that is transparent and easy to understand, ultimately resulting in positive outcomes.

Conclusion’s innovative approach to the legal industry is making it possible for individuals who need legal representation to access it easily and free. Their platform was built by experienced award-winning lawyers who understand the struggle some people face in getting legal representation when they need it most. has an ethical and moral obligation to its clients to provide access to justice, and they do it well. By providing quality legal representation and matching clients with the right lawyers, is taking a giant step forward in providing access to justice for everyone in the United States.


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