Startup Showcase: IT Rating – Revolutionizing the US IT Market

Discover how IT Rating is using smart algorithms to ensure honesty and confidence in the US IT Market.

As the digital sphere continues to expand, finding the right IT company to help your business grow can be overwhelming. With so many companies offering different services and pricing, how do you know which one to choose? That’s where IT Rating comes in. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll explore how IT Rating is revolutionizing the US IT market by providing an independent resource and digital ecosystem that rates companies based on smart and unique algorithms.

Bridging the Gap in the US IT Market

IT Rating is based in Lewes, Delaware and was founded in 2020 by a team of industry experts who noticed a gap in the US IT market. They recognized that finding an honest and dependable IT company was challenging because of the lack of clear, unbiased ratings that could help businesses make informed decisions. IT Rating’s mission is to create a single rating portal that could help compare and combine the full range of IT services into one user-convenient interface.

The Magic Behind IT Rating

To appear in IT Rating’s rating and secure your position, companies must provide information about themselves, go through a verification step, and later add a portfolio. After that, IT Rating’s unique algorithm and scoring system will use this information to rank and determine the specific position of the company in the ranking. IT Rating’s innovative algorithm uses a mathematical formula that helps users choose the best service provider for their business objectives, scope, and budget. As a result, an overview rating can help you quickly select an IT company that will meet your needs.

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Advancing Honesty and Confidence in the IT Industry

IT Rating’s goal is to make honesty and confidence one of the main criteria for the US IT Market by using ratings created with simple but effective algorithms. The ranking algorithm is based on a fair and transparent formula that identifies the most trusted service providers. IT Rating’s innovative approach provides an opportunity to compare many competing agencies and evaluate the benefits of partnering with them.


IT Rating is revolutionizing the US IT market by advancing honesty, transparency, and confidence. Their innovative algorithm offers an effective tool for quick selection of IT companies depending on business objectives, scope, and budget. In this Startup Showcase, we have seen how IT Rating’s mission and goal are helping businesses make informed decisions about which IT company to choose. If you want to learn more about IT Rating, visit their website and social media accounts.





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