Startup Showcase: Just Love Collaborative Inc – Addressing Housing, Health, and Business for Women and Girls of Color, Prioritizing Transgender Women

Just Love Collaborative Inc is a rapidly growing and innovative non-profit organization that focuses on addressing housing, health, and small business development for women and girls of color, with a special focus on transgender women of color. With an aim to promote equality, diversity and empower minorities, Just Love Collaborative Inc provides holistic support, tools and resources needed to bring about impactful change in the communities it serves.

As a startup showcase, this article will provide an overview of the vital work being done by Just Love Collaborative Inc and the ways in which it is contributing to societal change.

Housing Insecurities and Barriers for Black and Brown Women

According to recent data, housing is a significant barrier for many women of color who experience higher rates of poverty and homelessness than their white counterparts. To address this issue, Just Love Collaborative Inc has created a program designed to provide affordable and safe housing for black and brown women while working to eradicate homelessness from current and former transgender women of color.

The organization collaborates with community-based organizations to create a comprehensive program. The program provides wrap-around services such as case management, employment support, and financial literacy education to individuals, families, and communities.

Health and Wellness

The need for greater emphasis on health and wellness is an increasingly relevant topic in today’s world. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the challenges faced by marginalized communities when it comes to accessing adequate healthcare services. Just Love Collaborative Inc is committed to addressing these challenges by prioritizing fitness and nutrition, promoting physical and mental well-being of women of color.

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The organization has established partnerships with health care providers and fitness professionals to establish accessible and free health and fitness solutions for the communities they serve. These partnerships assist in creating tailored plans for nutrition and overall wellness, specifically for transgender women of color who statistically struggle to obtain quality healthcare services.

Small Business Development

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted small businesses globally. Woman-owned businesses are still struggling, especially those owned by women of color. Just Love Collaborative Inc aims to address this issue by providing increased resources geared towards small business development, including grants and funding opportunities.

The organization offers access to training and development workshops for women and girls of color to be more skilled in their areas of passion. It aims to provide opportunities for women of color to thrive as entrepreneurs.


Just Love Collaborative Inc, founded in Dallas, Texas, is a trailblazing organization dedicated to serving the needs of women and girls of color, prioritizing transgender women. The organization’s flagship initiatives, housing insecurities and barriers, health and wellness, and small business development are designed to bring about impactful changes in the community. Just Love Collaborative Inc intends to grow in the Southern US before becoming a national and eventually global entity. With a commitment to social equity, Just Love Collaborative Inc is a beacon of hope for the communities in the United States it serves.


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