Startup Showcase: Localway – Connecting Local Businesses to Consumers

As online shopping continues to grow, small businesses struggle to keep up with big players like Amazon and Instacart. Localway provides a solution by creating a marketplace and doorstep delivery service for small businesses in New York City.

Marketplace for Local Businesses

Localway offers a platform for small businesses to have their own online store on the marketplace. This allows them to take advantage of the growing trend of online shopping without having to invest in their own infrastructure. Localway also provides in-store and digital marketing support to help businesses increase their online presence and attract more customers.

Doorstep Delivery and Shipping Options

Localway also offers long-distance delivery, pickup, and shipping options for small businesses. This allows them to expand their customer reach beyond their local area and provide a service similar to big players like Amazon and Instacart.

Building a Bridge Between Local Businesses and Consumers

Localway’s vision is to support local businesses and build a bridge between them and their customers in the digital world. By offering a platform for small businesses to have an online store, marketing support, and delivery options, Localway is creating a new ecosystem of grocery shopping.

Supporting Local Communities

Localway provides a vital service for local communities by supporting local businesses and providing delivery from the comfort of their homes. In addition, online shopping with Localway reduces carbon emissions by localizing delivery instead of shipping from farther away.

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Joining Localway’s Marketplace

If you’re a small business in New York City looking to expand your reach, Localway can help by providing an online store, marketing support, and delivery options. Join Localway’s marketplace today by visiting their website.


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