Startup Showcase: MagGenix – Revolutionizing Cell Therapy with Electromagnetic Activation

The Future of Magnetogenetic Cell Therapy for Healthcare, Bioproduction, and Research

In this Startup Showcase, we take a closer look at MagGenix, a Baltimore-based biotech company that is developing a breakthrough technology for magnetogenetic cell therapy. Their platform enables the electromagnetic activation of engineered cells, which has vast potential applications in clinical, industrial, and research settings.


The world of biotech is rapidly advancing, and MagGenix is at the forefront of innovation with its magnetogenetic cell therapy platform. The company’s technology allows for precise, non-invasive activation of engineered cells through electromagnetic stimulation. This unique approach has the potential to revolutionize healthcare, bioproduction, and scientific research.

Localized therapeutic activation in healthcare

One of the significant advantages of MagGenix’s magnetogenetic cell therapy platform is its ability to activate and control engineered cells selectively in precise locations of the body. This is particularly valuable in cancer treatment, where traditional chemotherapy often causes widespread damage to healthy cells. By using MagGenix-enabled CAR-T cells, treatment can be localized to the tumor site and function exclusively there. This not only reduces side effects but can also increase the efficacy of the treatment.

In addition, the platform can be used to develop engineered regulatory T cells that secrete anti-inflammatory antibodies only at inflamed locations, such as arthritic joints. This localized modulation of the immune system can reduce adverse reactions to other drugs used in the treatment of autoimmune diseases and improve outcomes for patients.

Bioproduction optimization

MagGenix’s platform is also valuable in bioproduction, enabling cellular activation and modulation in batch or chemostatic bioreactors. This allows the modulation, changes, and halting of synthesis in large-scale bioreactors with ultra-cost-efficient magnetic stimulation. The technology has the potential to improve the efficiency of bioproduction, reduce costs, and improve the scale of production.

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Research applications

MagGenix’s technology has vast potential in research as well. Its magnetogenetic cell therapy platform can solidify magnetogenetics as the clear successor of opto-/chemo- genetic processes to perturb and study biological systems. This enables researchers to study cellular mechanisms in a significantly more precise manner and with minimal disruption to the cell. By enabling the engineering of cells and the subsequent activation process, the technology can enhance the study of the cellular response, leading to new scientific discoveries.


MagGenix is leading the way in the development of magnetogenetic cell therapy. The company’s platform has vast potential applications in healthcare, bioproduction, and research, enabling the selective activation of engineered cells with electromagnetic stimulation. By pioneering this technology, MagGenix is making significant strides in the world of biotech, revolutionizing the way we think about cell therapy.





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