Startup Showcase: Majority Agency – Moving Culture, Moving Product

Challenging the Status Quo in Advertising: How Majority is Redefining Diversity in the Industry

A Diversity-led Talent Model For Disruptive Creativity

Majority is not just a multicultural agency but an agency for the culture. The Atlanta-based marketing and advertising firm has adopted a diversity-led talent model that recognizes diversity as the ultimate competitive advantage for creative excellence that can disrupt culture. Majority’s approach is not just for a more equitable world but also because it understands that diversity represents a significant cultural capital that can drive business growth.

Accelerating the Normalization of Diverse Faces

Majority has a mission with a company. Its primary purpose is to accelerate the normalization of diverse faces that power the best creative agencies globally. The company recognizes that cultural representation matters, and when diversity is normalized, it promotes inclusivity and equality in representation. Majority’s goal is to leave a much bigger generational legacy beyond advertising positioning.

Igniting Diverse Lived Experiences into Disruptive Ideas

The Atlanta-based firm understands the relationship between local culture and global pop culture, and the impact of diversity on creative excellence. Majority is committed to amplifying diverse lived experiences and perspectives and transforming them into innovative and disruptive ideas that can take different forms, including advertising, design, strategic planning, product innovation, and experiences.


Majority’s approach to inclusive representation is unique and refreshing, and it is evident from their commitment to diversity-led talent models that prioritize lived and diverse experiences. Majority is an agency that understands the importance of representation and the potential of diversity to fuel creative excellence. Their mission to normalize diversity representation in the creative industry is commendable, and it has the potential to create a lasting legacy for marginalized communities.

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