Startup Showcase: Manan AI – Empowering the Metaverse with VoicePrint and AI

Manan AI is a tech company that leverages advanced AI, blockchain, and web3 to enhance human intelligence and decision-making. The company has a team of developers, traders, AI scientists, and media experts with backgrounds from Stanford, Google, and Telegram, and is advised by an ex-partner of Andreessen Horowitz. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll explore how Manan AI is revolutionizing the Metaverse, dApps, games, and wallets with its cutting-edge technology, Babylon Voice.

Empowering the Metaverse with VoicePrint and AI

The Metaverse is the next frontier of the internet, and Manan AI is paving the way with its innovative product, Babylon Voice. Babylon Voice is a B2B product that uses AI and VoicePrint to provide a secure and anonymous way to access the Metaverse, gaming, Web3 like Mona Verse, SandBox, Roblox through a voice ID system. The goal is to make it easier for the next billion users to access the Metaverse by using AI and blockchain.

Babylon Voice helps gamers, developers, creators, and brands in the Metaverse build on blockchain, creating a thriving economy network with influencer voices and AI capabilities. It also helps transition from Web2 to Web3, aiming to drive growth in blockchain transactions and enhance human intelligence through AI. With Babylon Voice, users can access the Metaverse using only their voice, which is a unique and secure way to authenticate users.

Revolutionizing Voice Technology

Manan AI is leveraging its expertise in AI to revolutionize voice technology. Babylon Voice uses tools like STT, TTS, and NLP to generate summaries, recognize speech, and create synthetic media, with a focus on style voice transfer in over 30 languages. It only needs 7 seconds of the user’s voice to create a VoicePrint that can be used for authentication.

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The company is also partnering with Open AI and Facebook AI to explore collaborative fiction, which is a new form of storytelling that combines the creativity of humans with the power of AI. Collaborative fiction is an exciting development that has the potential to change the way we create and consume media.

Securing the Web3

Babylon Voice is also using NFTs as a secure and fact-checked web3 storage and transfer option for digital voice data that respects user privacy and is resistant to bots. We believe Babylon Voice offers a better alternative to traditional options like mp3 or mp4 files, which may be prone to technical and legal issues such as hacking and declining popularity.


Manan AI is a game-changer in the world of AI, blockchain, and web3. Its innovative product, Babylon Voice, is revolutionizing the Metaverse, dApps, games, and wallets with its cutting-edge technology. The company’s focus on enhancing human intelligence and decision-making through AI makes it a leader in the field. If you’re looking for a secure and anonymous way to access the Metaverse, Babylon Voice is the solution.





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