Startup Showcase: Markopolo – Revolutionizing the Way Small Businesses Do Paid Marketing

Markopolo is a startup based in Wilmington, Delaware, that is changing the way small businesses do paid marketing. With its AI-powered advertising tool, Markopolo takes care of the complexity of paid marketing and automates the whole process for SMBs. In this startup showcase, we will explore how Markopolo is disrupting the advertising industry and providing an innovative solution for small businesses.

Revolutionizing Paid Marketing for Small Businesses

Small businesses often struggle to create effective paid marketing campaigns due to the complexity and time-consuming nature of the process. Markopolo aims to change that by providing a complete paid marketing suite that helps businesses launch targeted ads in seconds. With its AI-powered copy and creative generation, scheduling capabilities, and real-time analytics, Markopolo provides a smarter, faster way to create ads and automate the boring parts of ad management.

Features of Markopolo

Markopolo offers a range of features that are designed to make the paid marketing process easier and more effective for small businesses. One of its key features is its integration with popular ad platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and YouTube. This allows businesses to manage all their ads from one place and get a holistic overview of all the metrics from all the campaigns in one dashboard.

Markopolo’s Ad Maker comes with AI-generated copy and creatives, allowing businesses to create effective ads quickly and easily. Its Targeting AI generates custom audience presets, making it easy to find the right audience to target. Markopolo is also GDPR compliant, ensuring that businesses can use it with confidence.

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In addition to its ad creation capabilities, Markopolo also offers a built-in Campaign Manager for scheduling and managing all the ads from one place. Its Ad Engine monitors and optimizes all the ads 24/7, ensuring that businesses get the best results from their campaigns. Markopolo’s Suggestion Engine guides businesses like a professional marketer, providing actionable suggestions to improve their campaigns.

Revolutionizing Data Collection in the Cookieless Era

With the rise of privacy concerns and the move towards a cookieless era, collecting data from advertising campaigns has become more difficult. Markopolo has solved this problem by using a server-side pixel to gather lossless data from each and every attribution point. This enables businesses to get real-time analytics on how well their campaigns are performing, without compromising on privacy.

Markopolo’s algorithms have achieved impressive results for businesses that have adopted the platform, including a 34% reduction in cost per click, a 41% increase in conversion rate, and a 30% increase in budget spending efficiency within the first few campaigns. These benchmarks demonstrate the effectiveness of Markopolo’s AI-powered advertising tool, and its potential to revolutionize the way small businesses do paid marketing.


Markopolo is a startup that is dedicated to helping small businesses streamline their paid marketing processes and achieve better results from their campaigns. With its AI-powered advertising tool, Markopolo offers a complete paid marketing suite that automates the boring parts of ad management and provides real-time analytics on campaign performance. Markopolo’s unique approach to data collection in the cookieless era and its impressive results for businesses make it a promising solution for small businesses looking to improve their paid marketing efforts.

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If you’re interested in learning more about Markopolo and how it can help your business streamline its paid marketing processes, be sure to visit their website and social media channels.





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