Startup Showcase: Metalong – Building the Infrastructure for the Metaverse Universes

As technology advances, the concept of a virtual reality universe where people can create and interact with each other in a digital world is becoming more and more feasible. This is the Metaverse, and Metalong is a company dedicated to building the infrastructure and protocol necessary to connect and facilitate communication between Metaverse universes.

Introduction and Background

Founded in New York, Metalong is an open-source project with a goal to build the infrastructure for the Metaverse and blockchain technology for a more democratic and productive future. The team behind Metalong consists of developers, researchers, and designers who share the same perspective and strive to present Metaverse universes in an accessible and flawless way for everyone.

To fund their project, Metalong has created their own token to organize the budget and started selling it to people as part collateral. By choosing the support of people, not entrepreneurs, they aim to ensure everyone has the same social situation, adhering to the principle of decentralization.

Building the Infrastructure for Metaverse Universes

As a company focused on building the infrastructure for the Metaverse, Metalong’s goal is to enable bridges between other companies and the Metaverse universes. They plan to achieve this through the Metas Bridge Protocol model that connects Metaverse universes on Web3, a new term for blockchain technology.

With the Metas Bridge project, Metalong is creating a new infrastructure protocol that will connect the Metaverse Universes. Once implemented, it will allow Metaverse projects to set new examples, and it will bring greater social compliance to the field of blockchain technology. The company is dedicated to building bridges between other companies and the Metaverse universes, and during this process, they aim to create their own Metaverse gaming universe and develop the infrastructure by entertaining people.

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Creating a More Democratic Future

Metalong’s approach to funding and building their infrastructure highlights their commitment to creating a more democratic future. Rather than relying on entrepreneurs to invest in their project, they chose to sell tokens to individuals who share their vision. This approach enables everyone to participate in the development of the Metaverse, ensuring that the technology is accessible to all.

Metalong’s dedication to decentralization and their commitment to building bridges between companies and the Metaverse universes aligns with the broader goals of blockchain technology. By creating an infrastructure that is accessible to everyone, they are paving the way for a more democratic and productive future.


As the Metaverse becomes more tangible, companies like Metalong are working to build the necessary infrastructure and protocol to enable communication between Metaverse universes. By doing so, they are creating a more democratic and accessible future, where anyone can participate in the development of this revolutionary technology.

Metalong’s dedication to decentralization, their unique approach to funding, and their commitment to building bridges between companies and the Metaverse universes are admirable. They are paving the way for a future where the Metaverse is accessible to everyone, and they deserve recognition for their efforts.





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