Startup Showcase: NBDair – Revolutionizing Indoor Air Health and Safety

How NBDair's innovative and intelligent breathe-free technologies are making indoor air safer and healthier.

Introduction: NBDair is a Breathe Free Technology startup that is empowering businesses to provide their customers and employees with healthy and safe indoor spaces, even amid the current pandemic. Its products are designed to combat airborne viruses and other pollutants, providing real-time data to keep air quality levels optimal for a healthier environment. In this startup showcase, we take a closer look at how NBDair’s smart indoor air technology is enhancing safety and improving indoor air quality.

The NBDair Solution: The Smartest Way to Breathe Free

welSPACE is NBDair’s flagship product, built on the foundation of AIoT, digital health, and indoor air ventilation, filtration, and disinfection. It provides continuous monitoring of indoor air quality, giving data-driven insights into air change rate, air quality index, and infection risk index of any given space. The solution leverages automation, machine learning, and self-control to provide the safest indoor air quality with a reduced risk of cross-infection of viruses.

Industries Served by NBDair’s HSPaaS Technology

The welSPACE solution is ideal for offices, hotels, vacation rentals, coffee shops, restaurants, fitness centers, and retail stores. In a post-COVID world where customer and employee safety should be the top priority, NBDair’s solution could see widespread adoption across all industries. Business owners can rest easy knowing that they are offering a clean and healthy space for consumers and employees alike.

Partnerships and Future of NBDair

NBDair has established partnerships with leading IoT and technology companies, achieving great success by using cutting-edge technology to innovate meeting room air quality, as well as maintaining a healthy indoor environment at a daily basis. Despite facing myriad challenges, the startup has continued to gain traction with investors and customers alike. With plans to expand globally, NBDair is looking to collaborate with more business organizations and share its vision of a healthier and safer indoor environment for all.

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NBDair is at the forefront of the healthy space as a service technology revolution, with their flagship product welSPACE driving market growth. This startup showcase has explored how NBDair is delivering innovative smart indoor air quality products that prioritize healthy and safe environments. Innovative Breathe Free Technology is no longer just an ideal concept but rather, a reality that businesses and consumers anywhere can experience to market wide-spreading customized solutions to meet different needs.





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