Startup Showcase: neARabl – Navigating the Future of Infrastructure with Augmented Reality

Augmented-reality based navigation and digital signage for emerging infrastructure.

neARabl is a New York-based startup that offers a cost-effective augmented reality (AR) navigation platform for emerging infrastructure. The company’s innovative technology enables users to experience indoor maps, digital signage, record new paths, and points of interest. It is easy to use, affordable, and customizable.

Digital Signage and Wayfinding: A Useful “Metaverse”

The neARabl platform provides digital signage for instructions, directions, and more. The digital signage is all one QR code away, providing a new level of ease-of-use for navigating infrastructure. The platform also features wayfinding technology that uses AR to help users easily visualize their surroundings. The neARabl platform can help users easily onboard new visitors to any building, saving time and effort. The technology is also integrated with Bentley Systems iTwin digital twin ecosystem, which serves as an application on top of existing digital twins, and as a channel for infrastructure projects interested in experiencing their own digital twin.

Customized iPhone/iPad Applications

The neARabl platform also features customized iPhone/iPad applications featuring best-in-class indoor navigation accuracy. The user-friendly wayfinding and visualization platform allows users to navigate complex spaces with ease. The platform also supports augmented reality-as-a-service white-label on iOS native applications, providing an advanced level of customization and integration with existing infrastructure.

AR and WebAR Technology

The neARabl web AR technology provides an extremely cost-effective navigation and 3D website experience. It enables users to experience the new internet at their fingertips without the need for expensive headsets. The technology is easy to set up, and users can experience 25,000 sq feet in 25 minutes or less.

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Why Choose neARabl?

NeARabl is the result of five years of research and development by 25 world-leading experts in computer vision and advanced robotics. The company’s name was born out of its mission to enable individuals with low vision to navigate their surroundings. The use of AR technology allows any individual to hear and see what’s nearby, making navigation accessible to all. No new hardware is required to scan, and neARabl offers a unique way to supercharge your artificial intelligence by connecting to live facility events, running simulations, and seeing your infrastructure develop over time.


In conclusion, neARabl offers a revolutionary way to navigate emerging infrastructure using augmented reality. Its innovative platform provides digital signage and wayfinding technology, customized iPhone/iPad applications, and advanced AR and WebAR technology. With its five years of research and development and a team of world-leading experts, neARabl is the perfect partner for navigating the future of infrastructure.



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