Startup Showcase: Neostox Fintech – Learn, Practice and Trade with Virtual Money in Live Stock Market

An AI-enabled platform to help traders learn, practice, and strategize in the live stock market with virtual money.

Neostox Fintech is a Delaware-based startup that has developed an innovative AI-enabled platform that helps traders develop personal trading strategies and practices them with live market data and virtual money. The core idea of Neostox is to help aspiring stock traders learn and experiment with stock trading without incurring actual losses, before venturing into the actual stock market.

A Virtual Platform for Stock Trading

At Neostox, anybody can create an account for free and get virtual cash of INR 10 Lacs credited instantly in that account. The platform uses live data feed from NSE and can be accessed during market hours. One can buy or sell all of the indices, equities, futures and options available in NSE on Neostox. Orders, once placed, are executed virtually in line with the running prices in the market and the same can be viewed similar to real trading platforms. Virtual money is always available for topping-up in one’s account anytime the user wants.

Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Analytics

The cornerstone of Neostox is its Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Analytics that helps traders make good tactical and strategic decisions before trading with real money. The Analytics tool offers several features that enable stock traders to trade faster, more effectively and earn higher profits through much improved success ratios. The flagship product of Neostox FinTech, has been conceptualized, crafted and developed by veteran traders having 15+ years of experience in international stock/derivatives trading.

Social Media Presence

Neostox Fintech is active on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin where it shares insights and updates related to the stock market, along with tips and tricks to help traders learn the art of trading. The startup has a strong social media presence that helps it connect with its audience and helps keep the traders updated on the latest trends and opportunities in the stock market.

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In short, Neostox Fintech has developed a unique platform that helps traders learn, practice and strategize in the live stock market, without incurring any actual losses. With its Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Analytics, virtual money, and social media presence, Neostox is an excellent platform for aspiring stock traders who wish to learn the art of trading.





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