Startup Showcase: NouBio Inc is Revolutionizing Sustainable & Animal-free Biomanufacturing

Revolutionizing the Cultivated Meat Industry with Sustainable and Animal-Free Technology Solutions

NouBio Inc is an innovative startup based in Los Angeles, California, that is disrupting the cultivated meat industry with its next-generation technology solutions for sustainable and animal-free biomanufacturing. With the B2B market-ready products, NouBio is dropping production costs by up to 95%, boosting performance, and enabling scalability for cultivated meat biomanufacturing. Moreover, NouBio’s products have wide-ranging applications across cellular biomanufacturing sectors, including vaccine development, human tissue biomanufacturing, regenerative medicine, and longevity cellular therapies.

NouSerum: Full Fetal Bovine Serum Replacement

NouSerum is one of NouBio’s flagship products that can revolutionize the way biomanufacturing companies produce cultured meat. NouSerum is a full fetal bovine serum replacement that contains all 300 proteins and can drop production costs by up to 95%. It is powder-based and can be stored at room temperature, eliminating the need for refrigeration. NouSerum is also GRAS certified, allowing for easy regulatory approvals. Additionally, NouSerum has shown increased cell density and antimicrobial properties that can reduce contamination risk in large bioreactors.

NouCarrier: A Fully Edible Microcarrier

The other product from NouBio is NouCarrier, which is a fully edible microcarrier that can drop production costs in bioreactors by up to 95%. NouCarrier is animal-free, antimicrobial, and GRAS-certified, making it safe and sustainable for use in biomanufacturing. Additionally, it is powder-based and does not require cells to be removed after bioreactor use, thereby saving time and energy. Moreover, NouCarrier can act as a fat replacement and can be upgraded with flavor-enhancing and shear stress protection.

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Sustainable and Animal-free Biomanufacturing for the Future

NouBio is committed to making biomanufacturing sustainable, affordable, and animal-free for the future. The company is continually investing in research and development to create new products that can drop infrastructure costs and energy consumption. With NouSerum and NouCarrier, NouBio is setting a new standard for the biomanufacturing industry that has far-reaching implications for the future of food, healthcare, and sustainability.


In conclusion, NouBio Inc is an exciting startup that is revolutionizing the way biomanufacturing companies produce cultured meat and other cellular biomanufacturing products. Its products have the potential to drop production costs, increase efficiency, and create a more sustainable world. As a VC-backed company via Big Idea Ventures Cohort 6, NouBio is poised to scale its operations and make a significant impact in the market.



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