Startup Showcase: P R O S P E C T R – Product Driven Data Science

Are you tired of swimming in a sea of data without a life raft? Do you know your data can unlock hidden potential for your business? P R O S P E C T R is a data science company specializing in DataBricks, FiveTran AWS, and more, that helps businesses turn their data into insights.

High Net Worth Lead Generation Made Easy

As a product-focused company, P R O S P E C T R is specialized in developing products that enhance their client’s revenue generation. Their flagship product, Efficient Frontier Lead Generator, leverages high net worth individual leads to help organizations service them. P R O S P E C T R’s Quality Assessment Engine is the latest addition to their product lineup, providing feedback on the quality of your leads.

Unleash Your Data’s Potential with P R O S P E C T R

Do you want to gain mastery over your data? P R O S P E C T R’s data science techniques have saved (and made) millions of dollars for their clients. With products like DataBricks and FiveTran AWS, you can turn your data warehouse into a single source of truth for profound APIs that your development team can leverage. P R O S P E C T R helps businesses uncover insights and cost-saving initiatives that they would never have imagined.


P R O S P E C T R is revolutionizing data science with its innovative products. Their high net worth lead generator and quality assessment engine are powerful tools for revenue generation, and their use of data science techniques is a game-changer for businesses. Unleash the power of your data and let it guide you towards more profitable insights with P R O S P E C T R.





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