Startup Showcase: Pacaso – Modernizing Co-Ownership of Second Homes

Exploring the Innovative Marketplace for Second Home Co-Ownership.

Pacaso is a company that revolutionizes the practice of co-owning second homes, providing an innovative marketplace that streamlines the buying and selling process while ensuring the seamless management of shared properties. With its headquarters in San Francisco, California, Pacaso is at the forefront of proptech, integrating technology with professional management to offer a unique experience for those seeking to co-own a second home.

Revolutionizing Co-Ownership of Second Homes

Having a second home is an attractive idea for many, but it can be challenging to achieve. Traditional co-ownership practices come with their set of challenges, such as finding the right partner, scheduling, and managing the property. Pacaso has come up with a solution to these challenges with its modernized co-ownership model. With Pacaso, interested buyers can purchase a portion of a home through a professionally managed LLC designed for co-ownership. Pacaso handles the rest by filling in the other shares of the home, ensuring that all parties involved find agreeable co-owners.

Streamlining the Buying and Selling Process

Pacaso wants co-ownership of second homes to be easily accessible to everyone. The company has created a marketplace that makes buying and selling easy, smart, and quick. Prospective buyers can tell Pacaso their preferred location, budget, and occupancy preferences, and its partnering agents will help them find and purchase the ideal home. Pacaso then makes sure all co-owners are vetted, and only those who will adhere to the company’s strict guidelines will be approved to purchase the remaining shares.

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Professional Management and Seamless Experience

Co-ownership is all about sharing, and Pacaso ensures that the shared property is managed professionally. The company provides at-home services that enhance the co-ownership experience. With Pacaso’s mobile app, co-owners can schedule their time in the home and have a fair and equitable way of sharing the property. Pacaso also ensures that the property is well-maintained, clean, and ready for the next co-owner visit.


Pacaso is an innovative proptech startup that modernizes the practice of co-owning second homes. It streamlines the buying and selling process, provides professional management services, and adds technology to ensure a seamless experience for all co-owners. The company has already received positive feedback from satisfied customers and plans to expand its reach to enable more people to enjoy the benefits of owning a second home.





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