Startup Showcase: Pantomath – Automating Data Operations for Improved Data Reliability

Pantomath is a startup based in Cincinnati, Ohio, that has developed a data pipeline observability and traceability platform for automating data operations and improving data reliability. In this Startup Showcase, we will explore Pantomath’s mission, its flagship product, and how it is helping organizations eliminate data reliability issues and make more informed business decisions.

The Challenge: Data Reliability Issues

Organizations today rely heavily on data to make informed business decisions. However, data reliability issues are common and can lead to poor business decisions and lack of trust in data as an organization, directly impacting their bottom line. Resolving complex data issues is a manual and time-consuming process involving multiple teams relying on tribal knowledge to reverse engineer complex data pipelines across different platforms to identify root-cause and understand impact.

Pantomath’s Mission: Automating Data Operations

Pantomath’s mission is to automate data operations and improve data reliability. The company has developed a data pipeline observability and traceability platform that continuously monitors datasets and jobs across the enterprise data ecosystem. It provides context to complex data pipelines by creating automated cross-platform technical pipeline lineage, allowing customers to detect data reliability issues through real-time alerts, troubleshoot them with end-to-end cross-platform technical lineage and aggregated logs, identify root-cause instantly, and resolve issues quickly with automated impact analysis.

Pantomath’s Platform: ML-Driven and Easy to Implement

Pantomath’s ML-driven platform allows organizations to automate data operations with ease. It offers a wide range of connectors for the most popular data tools that integrate seamlessly into complex data stacks providing autonomous pipeline lineage in minutes. Pre-configured monitors and machine learning frameworks are available out of the box, providing immediate value to customers.

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The platform’s ML-driven approach enables customers to eliminate data reliability issues quickly and efficiently, without manual intervention. The platform also provides organizations with visibility into their data pipelines, enabling them to identify bottlenecks, optimize performance, and improve data quality.

Next Steps: Growth and Expansion

Pantomath has already achieved several key milestones in the development and deployment of its platform, and the company is now seeking to drive growth and expansion. The company plans to use the funding to hire additional staff, expand its marketing efforts, and enhance its technology platform.


Pantomath is a startup that is tackling a significant challenge facing organizations today: data reliability issues. Its data pipeline observability and traceability platform automate data operations, providing organizations with end-to-end visibility into their data pipelines. With its focus on improving data reliability and automating data operations, Pantomath is a startup to watch in 2022 and beyond.



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