Startup Showcase: Patrn – Crowdfunding NFTs Made Easy

Patrn is a platform that enables users to crowdfund non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in a fun and effortless way. With Patrn, artists and creators can mint multi-edition NFTs with friends, collectors, and patrons, all while building a community of like-minded individuals. The platform aims to revolutionize the NFT space by making it more accessible to a wider audience while providing opportunities for artists to monetize their work.

Why Patrn?

NFTs have been gaining immense popularity lately. They are unique digital tokens that store information like music, images, and videos, among other things. This makes them ideal for artists, musicians, and other creators seeking new ways to monetize their works. However, the process of minting an NFT, marketing it, and finding buyers can be challenging, time-consuming, and costly. This is where Patrn comes in; it streamlines the entire process by providing a platform that enables crowdfunding for NFTs.

How Patrn Works

Patrn is an easy-to-use platform, beginning with the creation of an account. After that, users can discover trending artists, follow creators and trendsetters, and like the original content. When an artist sets a fundraising goal, patrons can contribute ETH by liking a submission. Once a goal is reached, Patrn will mint multi-edition NFTs and airdrop them to all contributors. The artist is empowered to earn royalties on each NFT sold on OpenSea, with no upfront costs.

Becoming a Patrn Artist

One of the most exciting features of Patrn is the ability to become a verified Patrn Artist. Artists can create their accounts, submit their original content, and set their fundraising goals for patrons to support. Once their goal is met, their NFT is minted, and royalties are collected on each NFT sold on OpenSea. This feature provides artists the ability to create and distribute their NFTs without needing to worry about the marketing and fundraising aspect of the process.

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Patrn is a breakthrough platform that simplifies the crowdfunding process for NFTs. By allowing artists to crowdfund their works directly on the platform, Patrn enables a seamless and collaborative process between artists and patrons. With the help of Patrn, artists can disrupt the traditional art market and get their content in front of a wider audience. Patrons can contribute to NFTs they like, artists can create more freely and collect revenue with less hassle.





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