Startup Showcase: Paysfer eMart – A Revolutionary Online Marketplace

Low Fees, Sustainable Practices, and AI-Powered Search - Paysfer eMart is the Next Generation E-commerce Platform

Paysfer eMart is a revolutionary online marketplace based in New York, offering a unique and sustainable solution to the traditional e-commerce model. With a low flat fee to sellers, lower prices for customers, and an AI-powered search, Paysfer eMart is setting the standard for the next generation of online marketplaces.

Revolutionary Tech

Paysfer eMart has just launched a platform with cutting-edge technology that offers faster speeds, scalability for high-volume product upload, SEO-friendly features, and an AI-powered search. The new tech also minimizes cloud hosting costs, reducing the need for manual labor and passing on savings to customers. This innovation provides a seamless online shopping experience for both buyers and sellers.

Sustainable Practices

At Paysfer eMart, they believe that growth should not come at the expense of the environment. Unlike the traditional warehouses that promote immediate delivery around big cities, Paysfer eMart’s model is eco-friendly, minimizing the carbon footprint of warehouses and reducing packaging material usage. This approach is not only good for the environment but also reduces the shipping costs and benefits the customer as well.

Growing Product Categories

Paysfer eMart currently has over 500,000 products in almost all categories, including over 15 million books. The vendors on the marketplace are from the US, UK, and Asia. Paysfer eMart is also onboarding select non-US-based vendors from worldwide with high-quality products. In the coming months, the drop shipping model will be added to the platform, expanding the product range even further.

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Empowering Small Businesses

The Paysfer eMart team consists of college students and alumni, providing jobs to students and offering opportunities to entrepreneurs to sell their products with no fees. This concept was launched to help struggling small businesses and public companies during the pandemic. Paysfer eMart offers a low 6% flat fee to sellers, which is 5% lower than traditional marketplaces. This creates an accessible and fair platform for all vendors.

New Media

Paysfer eMart is more than just an online marketplace; they also offer a live streaming platform with a ‘Shopping channel’ for products reviews by college students and a healthy living ‘Mini Medicine’ platform, starting in spring. Sellers on Paysfer eMart and in the New York area will be offered time to showcase their products in person in NY. This new media approach is a unique way of engaging with the community and promoting sustainable and healthy living.


Paysfer eMart is a unique and innovative online marketplace that is setting the standard for the next generation of e-commerce. With its low fees, sustainable practices, AI-powered search, and live streaming platform, Paysfer eMart offers a seamless online shopping experience for both buyers and sellers. With a growing range of products, they are onboarding new vendors, and the drop shipping model will be added soon, making Paysfer eMart an exciting marketplace for all.





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