Startup Showcase: Paysfer eMart – Revolutionizing E-Commerce with New Tech and Eco-Friendly Model

In the era of online shopping, e-commerce has become the most sought-after business model for retailers to sell their products online. However, the traditional e-commerce platforms are facing multiple challenges, including high commission fees, environmental concerns, manual labor costs, and much more. Paysfer eMart, a New York-based startup, is providing a new tech, AI search, and eco-friendly online marketplace for retailers to sell their products without worrying about these issues. Let’s explore how Paysfer eMart is revolutionizing the e-commerce industry.

New Tech Platform

Paysfer eMart has launched a new tech platform that offers faster speeds and scalable for high volume product upload and customer interaction. The platform is also SEO-friendly and AI-powered, making it easier for customers to search for products. The best part is that Paysfer eMart can minimize cloud hosting costs, which would minimize the need for high manual labor costs as in legacy e-commerce platforms. As a result, Paysfer eMart can pass on the savings to customers, making the products 5% cheaper than other e-commerce platforms.

Eco-Friendly Model

Paysfer eMart believes in an eco-friendly model that would be less harmful to the environment. The growth of warehouses meant to promote immediate delivery around big cities is harmful to the environment, doubling the truck traffic on highways, carbon footprint of the warehouses, and doubling the use of packaging material. Paysfer eMart’s model is to keep the inventory with vendors, and when the customers order, the vendors ship the products directly to the customers. As a result, it would reduce the carbon footprint, packaging material, and reduce truck traffic on highways.

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500k Products and Growing

Currently, Paysfer eMart has 500k products in most categories and is rapidly growing to a goal of 10 mil by the end of the year. The vendors are based in the US, UK & Asia. Paysfer eMart is also onboarding select non-US based vendors from worldwide with high-quality products. The platform offers a low 6% flat fee to sellers, which is lower than other e-commerce platforms, and 5% lower prices to customers, making it a win-win situation for both sellers and customers.

Drop Shipping Model

Paysfer eMart is also planning to add a drop shipping model in the coming months, which would enable sellers to fulfill their orders by shipping products directly from the suppliers or manufacturers to the customers, eliminating the need to keep inventory in the warehouse.

Live Streaming and Shopping Channel

Paysfer eMart is also providing a live streaming platform with a ‘Shopping channel’ for product reviews by college students and a healthy living ‘Mini Medicine’ platform, starting in the spring. Sellers on Paysfer eMart and in the NY area would be offered time to showcase their products in person in NY, which would give them exposure to a broader audience.

Paysfer eMart is an innovative startup that is disrupting the e-commerce industry with new tech and an eco-friendly model. It is providing a low-cost platform for sellers to sell their products online and offering lower prices to customers. With its focus on students and alumni, Paysfer eMart is also providing job opportunities to students and contributing to society. It’s a win-win situation for all, and Paysfer eMart is definitely a startup to watch out for in the future.

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