Startup Showcase: Qlorem – Revolutionizing Digital Transformation with AI-Enabled Project Management SaaS Platform

Qlorem, a New York-based startup, is disrupting the digital transformation space with its AI-enabled project and product portfolio management SaaS platform. These days, most industries are going through disruptive digital changes, which is forcing companies to transform themselves. However, digital transformation initiatives come with a high risk profile due to the complexity and uncertainty involved. Shockingly, just 16% of digital transformation initiatives are successful (McKinsey).

The Challenge of Transparent Project Communication

One of the biggest challenges to successful digital transformation is transparent and timely project communication, which is also one of the key reasons that 32% of professionals believe managers struggle to meet project expectations. Qlorem identified this issue and created a solution that connects the organization, processes, IT architecture, and project management information into a digital twin, allowing orchestration of dependencies, interactions, and insights between all stakeholders throughout the digital journey.

The Benefits of Qlorem’s Solution

Qlorem’s solution increases the probability of success by 100%, reduces costs by 30%, and increases organizational engagement in both business and IT. Their platform brings transparency, real-time updates, and automations to the process while providing teams with a holistic view of their digital journey.


Qlorem’s platform is a game-changer in the digital transformation space, providing a comprehensive range of benefits that drive success in digital transformation initiatives. The platform empowers organizations to manage their digital journey from end-to-end and connect all stakeholders in one place. For any company looking to undertake a digital transformation initiative, Qlorem is the go-to platform.


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