Startup Showcase: Quam Solutions – Empowering Micro-Manufacturing with Affordable CPQ Solution

How Quam Solutions is disrupting the manufacturing industry with its accessible CPQ tool.

Quam Solutions is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry with its affordable and accessible CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) tool. The San Jose-based startup offers an end-to-end web and cloud-based solution that enables small to mid-market manufacturers to create, configure, and share proposals in minutes, driving growth, increasing sales, and mitigating risks. With Quam Solutions, manufacturing businesses can automate their proposal creation process, save time, and improve collaboration with buyers, ensuring a seamless experience from product visualization to final agreement.

Easy Setup

Quam Solutions’ automated onboarding process allows manufacturers to add their product details and create their first proposal within minutes. The user-friendly interface requires no technical skills, ensuring that all team members can quickly get started with the platform. Quam Solutions’ CPQ solution eliminates the need for manual proposal creation, which can be time-consuming and error-prone, enabling businesses to scale quickly and efficiently.

2D & 3D Visualizations

One of Quam Solutions’ standout features is its 2D and 3D product visualizations. The platform renders high-quality visualizations from CAD files, images, or data sets, giving buyers a clear understanding of the product’s features and capabilities. Quam Solutions’ product visualization technology allows manufacturers to showcase their products in the best possible light, making it easier to close deals and accelerate the sales cycle.

Invite Buyers to Configure

Quam Solutions’ CPQ solution allows manufacturers to create private proposals and embed configurations on their website, making it easy for buyers to configure products and place orders. The platform’s robust configuration engine enables buyers to customize their orders to their exact specifications, ensuring that they receive products that meet their specific needs. With Quam Solutions’ CPQ solution, manufacturers can streamline their sales process, increase customer satisfaction, and generate more revenue.

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Collaborate with Your Team and Buyers Until the Agreement

Quam Solutions’ platform provides tools for manufacturers to collaborate with their team and buyers throughout the proposal creation process, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. With Quam Solutions, businesses can share proposals, comment on product details, and streamline their sales process. The platform’s collaboration features help manufacturers to close deals faster and with greater efficiency.

Generate Order Packages

Quam Solutions’ CPQ solution generates quotes, product details, manufacturing specifications, drawings, and contracts, all in one package. The platform’s order package feature enables manufacturers to provide comprehensive information to buyers, reducing the risk of misunderstandings or errors. With Quam Solutions, businesses can generate order packages quickly and easily, providing a professional experience for buyers and accelerating the sales process.


Quam Solutions is disrupting the manufacturing industry with its accessible CPQ solution. With its easy setup, 2D and 3D visualizations, buyer configuration features, collaboration tools, and order package generation capabilities, the platform provides an end-to-end solution that enables small to mid-market manufacturers to automate their sales process, streamline their workflow, and generate more revenue. For manufacturing businesses looking to optimize their sales process, Quam Solutions is the perfect tool.



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