Startup Showcase: Rock Pinnacle & Co. – Leading the Way in Retail Marketing and Sales

Discover how this Pittsburgh-based startup is transforming the industry with a focus on leadership and management development.

Specializing in face-to-face retail marketing and sales, Rock Pinnacle & Co. is a Pittsburgh-based company that partners with some of the top names in the telecom, energy, merchant processing, and satellite industries. But what sets them apart from other marketing and sales firms is their commitment to developing leadership and management skills in their team members. In this startup showcase, we explore what makes Rock Pinnacle & Co. so successful.

Rock Pinnacle & Co.: More Than Just Marketing and Sales

Rock Pinnacle & Co. is not your typical marketing and sales firm. While they are experts at increasing revenue and customer engagement, their focus on leadership and management development is what truly sets them apart. Their team of professionals is trained to improve their communication, leadership, time management, business consulting, and marketing skills, making them well-rounded leaders who bring success to their clients.

The Secret to Rock Pinnacle & Co.’s Success

Believing that people work best when they’re selfless and growth-focused, Rock Pinnacle & Co. promotes people based on their ability to improve the lives of others within the company. This commitment to self-improvement ensures that their team members are not only excellent salespeople but also exemplary leaders who bring value and inspiration to their clients.

Rock Pinnacle & Co.’s Proven Track Record

Founded by a CEO with a track record of success, Rock Pinnacle & Co. has been using sales training methods with more than 20 years of statistics to back them up. This means that their techniques have been tried and tested over the years, resulting in a long history of happy clients and successful campaigns. What’s more, they have an outstanding record of employee retention, proving that their unique focus on leadership and management development instills loyalty and a sense of purpose in their team members.

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Join the Rock Pinnacle & Co. Team

If you’re looking to develop your leadership and management skills while working in a field that’s both challenging and rewarding, Rock Pinnacle & Co. could be the perfect fit for you. Visit their website at to learn more about their company culture, career opportunities, and the industry-leading clients they partner with. Follow them on Twitter @rockpinnacleco and on Facebook at to stay up to date on their latest campaigns and success stories.


In conclusion, Rock Pinnacle & Co. is not your everyday marketing and sales firm. With their commitment to leadership and management development, they’re leading the way in this industry. By focusing on self-improvement, Rock Pinnacle & Co. has created a team of professionals who are not only top-notch salespeople but also inspiring leaders who bring success to their clients. Join the Rock Pinnacle & Co. team today to experience the power of this unique sales and leadership training program.





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