Startup Showcase: Sportyn – Redefining Social Finance in Sports with Web3

Unlocking the potential of social finance for athletes and fans

Sportyn Industries is a cutting-edge Web3 platform that empowers aspiring and up-and-coming athletes through state-of-the-art social finance based on content, data, and engagement. The New York-based startup is the brainchild of a team of innovators, pro athletes, and entrepreneurs who leverage blockchain and AI to deliver a groundbreaking solution for the sports industry.

Founded by Ivan Ilecic, a former Croatian professional soccer player turned tech entrepreneur, Sportyn is at the forefront of the intersection between sports and emerging technologies. With a focus on empowering athletes, Sportyn is the first Web3 social-fi platform for sports, enabling them to monetize their content and engage with their fans in new and more meaningful ways.

Sportyn’s leadership team is composed of individuals with extensive experience across fintech, sports, crypto, and marketing verticals in Europe and North America. As a group of former athletes, entrepreneurs, and crypto experts, they are uniquely positioned to understand the industry’s pain points and deliver a solution that meets the needs of athletes and fans alike.

Revolutionizing the world of sports

Sportyn’s mission is to revolutionize the world of sports by empowering athletes at all levels. The platform leverages blockchain technology to create a transparent ecosystem that rewards athletes for their contributions, providing them with a new stream of income and unprecedented visibility. Through Sportyn, athletes can earn tokens that can be used to purchase goods and services or be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

In addition to providing social finance opportunities, Sportyn is also an interactive social network that enables athletes to connect with their fans and followers. The platform’s AI-powered algorithm ensures that athletes receive the right type of content and engagement with their fans in a personalized and relevant way.

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Changing the game for sports and social media

Sportyn is poised to change the game for sports and social media by providing a new model for athlete-fan engagement. Rather than relying solely on sponsorships and traditional media outlets to promote their brand, athletes can create content and engage with fans in ways that are mutually beneficial. This community-driven approach creates a win-win situation for both athletes and their fans, providing a new way for up-and-coming athletes to rise to stardom and for fans to feel closer to their favorite athletes.


With its innovative platform, proven leadership team, and community-driven approach, Sportyn is the next big thing in the world of sports and social media. Keep an eye on this startup as it enters the sports-tech arena and drives Web3’s sports and social media disruption.





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