Startup Showcase: The Garden’s Executive Club – An Elite Private Women’s Club for C-Suite Executives and CEOs

The Garden's Executive Club: Cultivating Female Executive Powerhouses

Aspiring entrepreneurs and C-suite executives will be intrigued by the Garden’s Executive Club, a private women’s club that is a new addition to the vintage tourism attractions of downtown Stone Mountain, Georgia. This 2-acre tribute to female executives is a 2-story, 6,000-square-foot facility founded by Ebony Ormond-Ham that aims to bring together elite female executives and CEOs from various industries for support and mentorship.

Changing the Narrative for Women in Leadership

Historically, women in leadership roles have had limited options when it comes to networks and clubs that cater to their needs. The Garden’s Executive Club seeks to change this narrative by offering C-suite execs and rising vice presidents mentorship opportunities across various industries, career coaching sessions, and networking events. The club offers an opportunity for women to come together and share their experiences, struggles, and triumphs, thus creating a supportive community where they can help each other grow.

Tailored Support for Executive Women

The Garden’s Executive Club is not just a community of women; it offers tailored support for executive women through private executive coaching, mental health support groups, counseling, access to angel investors, private lenders, grant research, and so much more. By providing access to these services, the club aims to help women reach their full potential as leaders and achieve their goals. Women who have already reached Tier 1 C-suite positions as CEOs, Presidents or VPs with yearly gross revenues of $75k or seeking to dominate in top thriving industries such as Healthcare, Childcare, IT TECH, Oil, Construction, Real Estate, or Finance can apply for membership.

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A Clubhouse with Benefits

The Garden’s Executive Club offers access to a clubhouse, a speaker series, a book club, and a host of workshops and professional development training to members. The clubhouse provides a space for members to network, work, and relax. The speaker series will host experts and thought leaders in various industries to share their experiences and knowledge with members. The book club will focus on books that will help members develop their leadership skills, and the workshops and professional development training will provide members with skills they need to advance in their careers.


The Garden’s Executive Club is a game-changer for women in leadership roles. The club offers a supportive community, tailored support, and a clubhouse with a host of benefits. Women who are looking to grow in their careers and achieve their goals can benefit greatly from becoming members of the Garden’s Executive Club. It’s time to debunk the stigma that “It’s lonely at the top,” and the Garden’s Executive Club is leading the way in creating a supportive community for women in leadership roles.





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