Startup Showcase: The Glam Daily – Social Insights App Helping Brands Win the Gen Z Market

Empowering Gen Z and Revolutionizing the Authenticity of Product Reviews

The Power of Authenticity in Shopping

As consumers, we have all come across fake reviews while shopping online. The rise of e-commerce has resulted in a rampant increase in illusory product reviews. Studies show that fake reviews can harm customers’ trust in products and tarnish brands’ reputation. The Glam Daily (TGD) is a social insights app that has come to the rescue by helping brands win the Gen Z market in an authentic, open, and honest space.

Empowering the Next Generation of Authentic Faces and Voices

In today’s world, authenticity is the ultimate differentiator for the next generation of shoppers – Gen Z. TGD believes in empowering the new generation of shoppers to be the real faces and voices behind these insights. The app offers Gen Z’ers an opportunity to earn money through authentic product reviews and elevate their personal branding.

Helping Brands Win the Hearts and Minds of the Next Generation

Brands are always on the lookout for data and insights to help them understand what their target audience truly wants. TGD leans in to provide brands with invaluable social insights that help them make more of the best quality products that solve real customer pain points. TGD believes that Gen Z opinions matter, and brands need to cater to their evolving needs.

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TGD App and Website – The Future of Social Insights

TGD mobile app and website are currently in development and testing. The platform is expected to go live in Fall 2022. The app will offer Gen Z’ers an opportunity to try out products independently or through brand campaigns; they can then share their experiences and opinions with other members of the Glam Fam. A leading-edge app supported by the latest technology and an easy-to-use design, TGD is set to revolutionize the way we shop online.

Investing in TGD

TGD is starting to raise the initial round of Seed funding in mid-August 2022. The pitch deck and business plan are available upon request. As a brand keen on improving your customer insights or an investor with a keen eye for startups, TGD is the app to look out for.

In conclusion

With TGD, authenticity in shopping is the focus. The startup aims to drive real change in the e-commerce industry by offering social insights that help brands cater to their target audience’s evolving needs. The Glam Daily brings with it fresh insights, ingenious solutions, and a clear focus on the next generation of online shoppers that is sure to have a marked impact on the digital retail industry in the years to come.


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