Startup Showcase: Tillotek Industries Offers AI-Powered Sourcing and Recruitment Automation

The Future of Hiring Has Arrived with Tillotek Industries

As startups on the rise, hiring the right talent can be crucial to the success and growth of your business. But the process of sourcing and recruiting can be time-consuming, and costly. Fear not, as Tillotek Industries offers a revolutionary solution with its AI-powered sourcing and recruitment automation technology.

What is Tillotek Industries?

Based in Bangor, Maine, Tillotek Industries is a startup that offers AI-powered sourcing and recruitment automation for growing businesses. Essentially, Tillotek’s technology eliminates the need for manual recruitment processes and cuts down on time and resources while providing high-quality candidates to startups and venture capital/private equity firms alike.

How Tillotek Works

Tillotek Industries combines human connection with machine learning to help businesses find the best candidates for their company quickly and easily. By partnering with Tillotek, clients get an integrated Talent Acquisition Team that performs advanced sourcing, recruitment automation, and workflow management – making the recruitment process a flat hourly fee with no variable costs.

Benefits of Using Tillotek

With Tillotek’s approach, businesses can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in recruitment costs as they help software developers, and other technical talent nationwide find their perfect job. Tillotek’s AI-powered recruitment technology quickly and easily delivers qualified, vetted candidates to startups, without the need for manual recruitment processes that involve resume databases or premium recruiter accounts.

Partnering with Tillotek also provides an integrated and streamlined method of staffing for businesses, who pay a flat hourly fee for long-term service. This cost-effective solution will help you scale your business faster than your competitors, while still maintaining high-quality standards.

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In today’s fast-paced digital age, Tillotek Industries provides a revolutionary solution for companies that need top technical talent. Tillotek Industries is the answer that startups and businesses have been looking for – a cost-effective, time-saving alternative to traditional recruitment. Say goodbye to manual recruitment processes, markups, and direct hiring fees. Contact Tillotek Industries today and quickly find the top technical talents for your company.


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