Startup Showcase: Tomar’s KaBar Knives – The Authorized Distributor of Quality Knives

The American family-run business that provides quality KA-BAR knives worldwide.

Tomar’s KaBar Knives is a registered American founded family-run business located in the upper Northeastern New York State, established in February of 2001. The company has been an officially authorized KA-BAR distributor for over 20 years. Tomar’s KaBar Knives strive to provide customers with quality KA-BAR products, a friendly old-world “real person” service, and a modern-day fast USPS Priority mail delivery system at the lowest prices possible.

Here’s a closer look at Tomar’s KaBar Knives:

Quality KA-BAR Products Tomar’s KaBar Knives provides 100% lifetime guaranteed KA-BAR products against defect and workmanship. The company is authorized by KA-BAR Knives Inc. to sell their products worldwide. Customers can purchase quality KA-BAR products directly from Tomar’s KaBar Knives website or through various online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.

Friendly and Professional Customer Service Tomar’s KaBar Knives takes pride in their friendly old-world “real person” service. They believe in building a personal relationship with their customers, caring about their questions, valuing their comments and feedback. The company takes steps to protect customers’ personal information and does not engage in spamming practices.

Wide Range of Customers Tomar’s KaBar Knives serves large orders of the Military, Law Enforcement Departments, Self Defense Training Facilities, Government Agencies, as well as the needs of public and private individuals. The company ensures that all customers, regardless of order size, receive the same high-quality service and products.


Conclusion Tomar’s KaBar Knives is a family-run business that provides quality KA-BAR knives worldwide. The company’s commitment to providing the best products and services at the lowest prices has earned them a loyal customer base. Their friendly and professional customer service, lifetime guarantee, and wide range of customers make them a trusted and reliable source for KA-BAR knives.

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