Startup Showcase: Tounca – Revolutionizing the Business Solutions Ecosystem

Connecting Businesses with Global Experts for Unlimited Growth

Have you ever struggled with finding the right business solution for your company or project? Do you want to connect with experts from all around the world to create outstanding projects but don’t know where to start? Look no further than Tounca! As an internet startup operating out of Dover, Delaware, Tounca is changing the way businesses connect and collaborate with experts through their innovative online project marketplace.

Connecting Businesses with Experts through Unique Project Marketplace

Tounca’s platform provides a global connection point for businesses in need of business solutions and experts from all corners of the world. Businesses can post their project requirements on Tounca’s Project Marketplace, including the budget, timeline, and objectives of the project. Experts, who are subsequently classified into several areas, can apply to the posted projects with their ideas, and businesses can choose who they want to work with based on their proposals. This unique business solutions platform allows for efficient communication and collaboration between parties, which leads to faster project completion and better results.

PMaaS: Project Management as a Service

One of the most notable solutions provided by Tounca is PMaaS or Project Management as a Service. The company had initially developed this tool for their platform, but they realized it could be valuable for a broader audience. PMaaS is a software tool that automates the project management process. It provides users with tools such as project templates, status tracking, and budget management, leading to significantly lower costs for project management while increasing productivity. It is the best solution for businesses that do not have a dedicated project management team, as it streamlines information flow between team members and assigns tasks in real-time.

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Democratizing Business Software Services

Tounca wants to democratize business software services by ensuring that every business worldwide has access to proper business solutions that cater to their requirements. They believe that every company deserves to have access to business software services, regardless of their size or budget. Tounca aims to remove the barriers that impede businesses from attaining their full potential by addressing the primary issues that prevent them from growing, such as budget constraints, a lack of resources, and lack of talent. They also provide the best environment for experts from all around the world to be appreciated based on their knowledge and expertise, rather than where they’re based or other biases.


Tounca is a new startup with a long-standing track record of delivering excellent results. Their project marketplace platform and PMaaS tools are changing the face of business solutions by simplifying and accelerating the process. The company values businesses’ growth potentials and the need for experts worldwide to bring their skills to the table. The Tounca solution ensures that businesses achieve their objectives while promoting global collaboration among professionals. Discover how Tounca can help take your business to the next level via their website or social media pages.





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