Startup Showcase: Trubit – Monetizing Your Data with NFTs on Bitcoin

Unlock the Power of Your Data and Monetize with Bitcoin through Trubit's User-Owned Data Marketplace.

Trubit is revolutionizing the world of data monetization by enabling users to sell their valuable data through NFTs on the Bitcoin platform. This Startup Showcase takes a closer look at how Trubit is empowering users to take control of their data and monetize it, while providing brands with access to accurate and compliant first-party data.

What is Trubit?

Trubit is a data marketplace built on the Bitcoin platform that allows users to sell their data through NFTs. This means that users can finally take control of their valuable data and monetize it by selling it to brands of their choice. Trubit uses NFTs to codify and manage property rights for structured data, making it easier for users to influence when and where their data is used.

How does Trubit work?

Trubit operates as a marketplace that connects users who want to sell their data with brands that want to buy it. Users can easily sign up for Trubit and start selling their data through NFTs. Brands can then buy this data and gain access to user-consented accurate first-party data delivered as a cookieless solution.

Consumer-Facing App

Trubit’s consumer-facing app makes it easy for users to take control of their valuable data and start earning a passive income. The app guides users towards monetizing their data and even offers exclusive NFT drops from brands on the Trubit platform. These NFTs can be unique digital items, discounts, physical products, redeemable experiences, and more.

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Brands & Businesses

Trubit is also a great platform for brands and businesses that want access to accurate and compliant first-party data. Trubit offers data products designed to address existing gaps in the market and is future-proofed against consumer privacy regulations. Brands can also create branded NFTs, allowing them to engage with their customers in a whole new way.


Trubit is changing the data monetization game by providing users with a way to take control of their data and monetize it through NFTs on the Bitcoin platform. They offer an easy-to-use consumer-facing app and a range of data products and branding options for businesses. With Trubit, everyone wins: users get to monetize their data, brands get access to accurate first-party data, and the Bitcoin platform enables transactions to be safe, fast and secure.


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