Startup Showcase: Ubiquitous Influencer Marketing – Unlocking the Power of TikTok to Drive Your Brand

Influencer marketing has come a long way from its early days of brand endorsements by celebrities, and today it is an essential element of strategic marketing for any brand. However, while influencer marketing has become a top priority for businesses, navigating the complex world of influencers and campaigns is a challenge that needs expertise and experience. That’s where Ubiquitous comes in – a full-service solution that offers analytics at scale with a heavy focus on TikTok.

Founders Tom Graham and Joey Sargent created Ubiquitous in 2017, realizing the potential of influencer marketing to rise and dominate the industry. Based in Los Angeles, California, Ubiquitous works with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Disney, Netflix, and Lyft, to name a few. Their powerful influencer marketing solution is built with mature data infrastructure that utilizes predictive analytics and machine learning to optimize influencer marketing strategy on top of their world-class strategy and execution team.

The Rise of TikTok and its Influencer Power

One of Ubiquitous’s primary focuses is on TikTok – the short-video social media app that has taken the world by storm in the past few years. TikTok offers users the ability to create fun, short videos often going viral, and with a young user base, it boasts an influencer diversity unheard of in other platforms. Ubiquitous offers a unique solution that heavily optimizes a brand’s TikTok account for growth while working with carefully selected influencers to open up a world of creative content creation. In a world where TikTok has become the fastest-growing marketing vertical, Ubiquitous understands the nuances and complexities that come with influencers and campaigns, ensuring that brands can truly unlock the power of the platform.

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Full-Service Influencer Marketing Solutions

At the core of the Ubiquitous solution is a full-service approach to influencer marketing. Many brands often rely on software solutions that only offer features to connect with influencers, track campaign metrics, and do the math. However, Ubiquitous takes that to the next level by utilizing their world-class strategy and execution team, in addition to a mature data infrastructure stacked with predictive analytics and machine learning. From ideation, campaign creation, and execution to analytics and optimization, Ubiquitous handles everything to achieve a brand’s objectives.

Influencer Marketing at Scale

Ubiquitous has the ability to offer analytics at scale, which means better ROI for brands. Over the years, the company has built relationships with over 25,000 influencers, meaning they have access to a wide range of creators who have vast expertise across industries. Whether it’s beauty, fashion, food, or even gaming, Ubiquitous has experts in every niche that are ready to help brands unleash their potential.


Ubiquitous Influencer Marketing offers brands a solution that goes beyond the traditional barriers of other influencer marketing companies. By heavily focusing on TikTok and working with a full-service approach, they can deliver unparalleled results. Ubiquitous has scaled its analytics to provide brands with a seamless and streamlined experience, without leaving any stone unturned. At the core of the company is delivering results for brands that transcends their expectations, and they are doing it in a way that is set to change the influencer marketing space.


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