Startup Showcase: Unify Mental Health – Revolutionizing Mental Health Care in the US

Unify Mental Health is a groundbreaking software company that develops systems to operate insurance-funded mental health clinics in the United States. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and is set to disrupt the mental health industry by bringing the benefits of a large corporation to small and medium-sized practices. In this startup showcase, we’ll dive into how Unify Mental Health is changing the game for mental health care providers across the country.

The Problem with the Current Mental Health Care System in the US

The current mental health care system in the United States has been under immense pressure, particularly with the onset of the pandemic. Large corporations have been acquiring small and medium-sized practices, leaving many to struggle to stay afloat. These large corporations have economies of scale and streamlined relationships with insurance companies, which means they are in a better position to negotiate rates and provide services. This situation has led to a concentration of mental health care services, with a few large corporations dominating the market. Small and medium-sized practices that do not accept insurance payments are particularly vulnerable to this trend.

How Unify Mental Health is Changing the Game

Unify Mental Health is disrupting this trend by developing software solutions that can efficiently manage all aspects of a small to medium-sized mental health practice. The company’s software is bespoke to the mental health industry, which makes it uniquely positioned to handle the needs of mental health care providers. By offering this service to small and medium-sized practices, Unify Mental Health is helping them compete with the larger players in the industry.

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The second way Unify Mental Health is changing the game is by managing all aspects of insurance relationships on behalf of affiliated practices. This allows Unify Mental Health to negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of all affiliated practices as a single large network. By doing this, Unify Mental Health is ensuring that small and medium-sized practices are not left out in the cold and can still compete with larger corporations.

Unify Mental Health’s Success So Far

Unify Mental Health has already made impressive strides in the industry. The company has three practices currently working as affiliates, including their in-house brand Meridian Counseling. They currently have a total of 70 providers with 1150 active patients in both California and Utah. These early successes are a testament to the effectiveness of their software solutions and their unique approach to managing insurance relationships.


Unify Mental Health is revolutionizing the mental health care industry in the United States by helping small and medium-sized practices compete with larger corporations. Their bespoke software solutions and their unique approach to managing insurance relationships are changing the game and helping mental health care providers stay afloat in a tough market. With their sights set on expanding nationally, Unify Mental Health is poised to become a major player in the industry.





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